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  1. Christy

    Small, sweet cucumber. It didn’t make my daughter or I burp like most cukes do. I’ll be growing these again and will try pickling them someday but right now they are picked off the vine for snack while walking around the yard & garden. Oh yea, they have lots of little spines that wipe off. I don’t know if that’s normal or if I’m not growing them right. Mine do seem to have a nutrient deficiency but that’s completely my fault.

  2. Timothy Staley

    I grew them on a trellis this year the plant didn’t get very big but had quiet a few cucumbers i also gave a start to a friend who let it grow on the ground it was huge and had a ton of cucumbers. They do have little spikes that you can wipe of with a rag other than that they had a great cucumber taste no complaints here.

  3. Jared Sattler

    Me and my daughter made it an evening ritual eating these. Great taste a prolific producer. Mine did great up a trellis.

  4. Domonique

    My first time planting this variety and since I ordered them late in the season so I only planted 4 and all 4 sprouted within days. Can’t wait to see the harvest

  5. Aaron Eads

    Mine average about the size of a baseball. To me, they taste like regular cucumbers. They also make a unique looking pickle.

  6. Michelle McGuire

    It took a while for them to get going, but then they were by far the most productive until very late in the season.

  7. charity.ranger

    I live in Seattle, and these little guys grew great! The flavor is awesome and I will definitely be growing these again next year.

  8. charity.ranger

    I live in Seattle, and these little guys grew great! I harvested when they were small and they taste awesomely sweet. I will definitely be growing them again next year!

  9. meruhe

    Loved these! Very tasty. Because of their color and shape, my grandkids loved the refrigerator pickles and a jar didn’t last very long.

  10. lyonsashley267

    My favorite. So flavorful and productive

  11. jetcadrai

    I was excited to grow Lemon Cukes again, since back in the day when I knew a whole lot less about horticulture and permaculture I still grew these. They are delicate and need great cucumber care and ideal placement to do their best, but even back when I was young and inexperienced I still ended up with a few healthy vines and enough fat round cukes for fresh eating. When these vines peak, they grow out eight feet across trellises, sometimes more, and each vine will produce roughly a pound of small cucumbers every two weeks. Mine contracted a fungal illness late but still managed to produce a few pounds of cukes after that. The flavor and the burpless quality are worth the extra attention, and they have a thin skin that makes them excellent for slicing thin and eating fresh.

  12. desiraemonique

    Actually got these seeds in a mystery pack and it was awesome! I was really confused at first because I’ve never heard of these, but they’re great! They’re really about the size of medium – large lemons. It was neat to cut them open because they look like a normal sized cucumber. Each one had a ton of seeds, more than I thought it would. They were very crisp and had a nice bite. Definitely growing these next year!

  13. sunshineshopgirl

    I had gotten some of these lovely little cucumbers by accident in seeds I bought a couple years ago from someone else. They tasted great fresh and are a very convenient size and shape. I was glad to find them here so I finally knew what type of cucumber they were. I purposely bought them from here. These seeds germinated and grew well and looked and tasted as great as the originals I had accidentally tried.

  14. micheleahland

    These are a favorite among my family, these are smallish-round cucumbers that can grow between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball, the more sun exposure they get the more lemon-y yellow color they turn. Some people say they have a mild citrus taste. They do have little spikes covering the outside but run them under some water and they will easily brush off. I only planted 6 seeds this summer and we had hundreds of cucumbers. My kids and I would easily eat about 2-4 each, daily, all summer long as a snack. We will be growing these again and I’ve given some seeds away to friends and neighbors who loved them.

  15. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  16. evno3000

    These are great!

  17. scenestra

    Faster than the rest I grew, and prolific as well! I loved growing these

  18. varelacheyenne114

    Fun shape. Started too late in the season so only had a few but still have seeds so definitely going for it again. Looked like a lemon. Really seedy.

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