11 reviews for Boston Pickling Cucumber

  1. Ethan

    Living in MA, how can you not grow these! They are heavy producing plants, which need frequent harvesting in order to keep them from getting too large and sour. Unless of course you are allowing them to grow huge in order to harvest the seeds for future years, from the information you learning on the tutorials here on MIGARDENER!

  2. Lauren A.

    Giving 4 stars instead of 5 to give room to grow. This is my first year growing these cucumbers. So far so good. Good germination rate. Ordering from MIgardener was simple and shipping was quick.

  3. Jeremy

    I was afraid the florida heat would kills cucumbers, but these did great. Out produced all the other cucumbers we planted.

  4. awmanthisgirl

    This plant is thriving in my garden, I think it’s the bees favorite plant. It is producing way more than I ever anticipated, the fruit grows rapidly. My garden was started late and has been through some extreme storms here in NW MO (tornado season) and it’s still strong as can be.

  5. kdiang03

    Excellent fast producing plant. Getting so many cucumbers I’m giving them away. Delicious!

  6. jakehunter54

    I have to say that these cucumbers grew very well but some of the cucumbers came out looking like circle balls instead of your classic cucumber shape but all in all i would grow them again

  7. lcb.breauxfarms

    By far, my favorite Cucumber variety to grow! Both, my husband and I, loved the fact that you could just wash and dip the cucumber in ranch without peeling it. Thin skinned. We’re sold on growing just this variety. Great for snacking and pickling. Plentiful and great germination. Growing Zone 9b.

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. evno3000

    These are great!

  10. scenestra

    Good, quality standard cucumber. Strong plants good production.

  11. splatt331

    These cucumbers were super easy to grow and were ridiculously productive. My daughter and I were harvesting every day sometimes twice a day. I definitely will be growing this again next spring.

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