15 reviews for Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber

  1. Gil

    After a good germination the plants were slow to develop but now that the heat started they are booming!
    The fruits are crunchy and sweet as expected and the plants are resistant to powdery mildey- a great benefit.
    The plant is forming only male flowers on the vine but soon after it starts sending side shoots with female flowers that forms the long fruits in clusters. best eating fresh.
    I did grew these in the past and surprisingly I learned that they are a melon (botanicaly speaking) and its true to the leaves it has.
    Highly recomended.

  2. Emily Waala

    The name is not a lie. My first cucumber from this plant was the size of my arm (elbow to fingertips) and made an entire jar of pickles all by itself! Took a little longer for this variety to start producing compared to other varieties that I am growing, but it is very much worth the wait.

  3. Darren Lind

    Great germination and strong and green seedlings. anxious for the fruit and will leave another review when they fruit

  4. nick0168

    Bought 2 packs of these and just for fun my father and I decided to plant everyone. Good thing everyone loves these and how crisp they are because they all germinated!!

  5. bpgunter

    Will never grow a different cucumber again. I have pickled these put them in salads made tzaziki.
    They are the best! A little more mild then regular cucumbers on flavor but when you’re pulling 2 foot cukes off the vines and the skin is so thin and easy to eat can’t complain! These are never bitter no matter how big they get. I grew some kratky in 45 gallon barrels and some dirt and both produced exceptionally. Slow starter with tons of male flowers. Expect to get 3-5 12 inch cucumbers a week. i recommend picking them younger because they get huge, but are hollow inside full of seeds and the edible flesh is about the same amount if that makes sense.

  6. gbpemail

    Tried several times to grow these with the same outcome, puney, sickly vines and bad fruit. I’ve had to pull them out of the garden without getting a harvest.

  7. cd.mans

    Good germination, incredibly productive. 1 plant was enough for us for more than a month.

  8. donald.sandala

    Got great production out of these, planted them in Arizona and did great in the heat. Saved one cucumber for seeds which will be enough for years.

  9. melindamarsh2001

    Hard to keep up with so many large fruits. they like the partial shade as well so I was able to use a part of my garden that nothing else really liked.

  10. meruhe

    Another cucumber that my family loved! I never was able to grow them to great size because my kids and grandkids would eat them right from the vine whenever they wanted a snack. My granddaughter wore one as a bracelet and took bites while she rode her bike on the basketball court!

  11. loserlinda

    Vines grew well here in 6a but never produced any fruit. Out of four plants I didn’t get a single cucumber. This plant was also very attractive to cucumber beetles. The beetles ignored all my other cucumbers and went straight for this one. You would think it would have strongly affected the health of the vines, but it really didn’t seem to. They continued to sprawl and have tons and tons of flowers. I will try again next year, maybe there was something off about the season? Who knows. The bees at least got to enjoy the flowers.

  12. leela.dreamhome

    This melon is the Queen of Cucumbers: crispy, sweet flesh with skin so tender you never need to peel. Two plants produced more fruit than our whole neighborhood could eat all summer. Vigorous vines up to 20 feet. Perfect for a trellis garden.

  13. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  14. evno3000

    These are great!

  15. lamoureux.6697

    Grew seven different types of cucumber last year approx. 750 cucumbers for our use. But had never tried this type so was very happy to get these seeds. Got the seeds last year to late in October to grow but will be ready to grow this year.

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