12 reviews for Cover Crop Mix

  1. carshenanbain

    Worked well for our home garden. We were even able to pull turnips and parsnips from the plot where the seed was scattered. It was a pleasant treat.

  2. ihavetoomanydoogs

    Scattered under my fruit trees to help with water retention. Have it working great for that. Plus bonus turnips.

  3. lyonsashley267

    great mix

  4. mexsoldier805

    Although cats dug up a lot of what sprouted, those that were left intact grew well, large, and surprisingly fast. The earthworms love hiding underneath the foliage and serves as a great snack for them when it’s time to cut them. Will buy this again, but this time in greater quantity.

  5. femichic2

    Growing in Zone 9. Good choice as a cover crop for my garden bed.

  6. josephmajora

    This works well for their purpose.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. evno3000

    These are great!

  9. lunastephenr

    Great germination rate even with sowing late on accident

  10. lunastephenr

    I started the seeds late on accident but still had a great germination rate with having to cover the garden beds for freezing Temps.

  11. ourlife767

    good for your garden

  12. runner4008

    I will buy this cover crop time and time again and I haven’t even been able to grow in it yet. I planted it as a fall/winter cover crop and it looks great as of 1/20/2021.

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