8 reviews for Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean (POLE)

  1. meruhe

    I’m still harvesting these beans. My grandkids delight in the history of this variety. The beans germinated well and basically took care of themselves for the summer.

  2. lyonsashley267

    beautiful and productive

  3. evanrahaman

    so many beans from just one plant

  4. superwoman83

    These guys grew like mad, and were very tasty. My kids enjoyed eating them right off the vine. Zone 7b

  5. ourlife767

    Very productive

  6. lindsayclark09

    After my kids and I read the story of the trail of tears, we knew we had to grow these! They grew on our garden fence through the summer (zone 5B) and produced a TON of beans! We ate them fresh and left the rest to dry on the plant. We will be growing these again!

  7. evno3000

    These were great!

  8. lamoureux.6697

    Beautiful climbing plant and healthy. Surprisingly not attacked by J. Beatles.

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