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  1. ajgelfond

    I was a bit disappointed that the purple carrot was orange inside. I wish the variety name was provided for off site research. The carror grew well, while definitely not largest or tastiest, it was a solid carrot.

  2. tresrottn

    I love this carrot. It was the first time growing carrots, they all germinated and just grew so wonderfully. As mentioned, they are orange inside, which makes them even more striking in appearance. I planted mine in August, and just harvested on 12/30 for New Years Dinner, and they are sweet, crisp, and tender.
    I’m very pleased with these carrots and will be planting them again in spring.

  3. 111Karyn

    Could be user error, the taste is great, but I had more Franken-carrots than just straight cylinders. I still ate them, but I rarely have that problem with my stand-by, Scarlet Nantes. They’re a pretty color and I eat them just after washing, but most (and those I’d serve) prefer them peeled and you lose the pretty color (and vitamins). I need to research why I got so many octo-carrots — I don’t think it was thinning and again my Scarlett Nantes were/are just fine.

  4. hjhumphrey17

    These are growing the best of all my late planted carrots right now! Very pretty in the ground, and I’m hoping for a good harvest despite their lateness.

  5. tribute.steve

    We were introduced to MiGardener from a friend and we are so glad for it. For the past two years, our purple carrots have done extremely well. These have become one of our family’s fav. Thank you for providing excellent seeds. Cheers~

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. evno3000

    These are great!

  8. josephmajora

    My carrots did not grow well, maybe I planted them too late. Will try again this year.

  9. ourlife767

    very unique colored carrots.

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