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  1. Alice

    Out of the different carrots I planted last summer, these were my favorite. They are so sweet and delicious raw as snacks.

  2. carshenanbain

    Haven’t had success with carrots in the past but these germinated very well and are growing well in a large pot. Due to harvest in about a month.

  3. Thanh

    They are sweet (even with growing in warmer Florida climate) with strong flavor, good for cooking.

  4. junkyjunk7

    I successfully grew these in very shallow containers. They were plump, delicious and adorable. I highly recommend these to people who only have access to small containers or rockier soil. I will be growing these again!

  5. bouncerdjwife

    I bought several types of carrots this year. They all germinated pretty quickly. I plant carrots in succession with each other. Can’t wait to transplant. Started all indoors.

  6. lknittel

    I grew these carrots in pots for 2 years in a row, and they are AMAZING! Yes, they are small…..but they are truly yummy and awesome for snacking on. Roast them up whole – DE-LISH!

  7. femichic2

    Growing in Zone 9. This is my first year planting Parisian carrots. I like that the maturity time is a little shorter than for most carrots. But then again, this variety produces a much smaller carrot. But they’re a nice bite size snack and taste great.

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. evno3000

    These are great!

  10. scenestra

    Great little carrots , good germination, and great fun to grow

  11. kalauing

    Nice cute carrot. Kids liked the fact that these were easy to pull and eat in the garden.

  12. brianna.shipley

    These were good carrots i didn’t get great germination but I think that is my fault for not planting them correctly and we had a lat frost that may have killed many of them. The second sewing did better.

  13. asia.gregg

    I can’t recommend these enough, especially if your soil isn’t the greatest. They’re so fun to pull up. The perfect snack. High germination rate. 10/10 will grow again.

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