13 reviews for Danvers 126 Carrot

  1. Paul Douzat

    Packet had over 500 seeds. Every seed germinated in my containers. I had to thin my seedlings out. Very happy with this batch of seeds. The seedlings are growing at an abnormally fast rate!

  2. Joe

    This is(by far) my favorite carrot to grow. With a 100% germination rate, I had enough carrots to eat and give away to others. It also grows at an alarming rate!

  3. Jared Sattler

    It’s everything a carrot should be. Not ideal for harder soils but it’s a great grower. Germination was great as well.

  4. steven crago

    Grew great in my 5 gallon bucket. Starting 2nd batch for a fall garden

  5. sbsnider1104

    Grew these Danvers 126 last fall and they germinated great and had the prettiest foliage! The carrots were a little on the small side, but never having grown carrots before I could’ve grown them in a tough soil. The carrots were so bright and orange and tasted better than any carrot i’ve ever eaten!
    Update: I attempted to grow these again this year, and unfortunately they are not growing for me. I might have had 3 germinate and grow enough to start showing bright tops. I moved them to more sandy, composted dirt and I guess they liked the other spot better. Will try again! MIgardener doesn’t usually disappoint, so could be grower error!

  6. glennadavis1961

    These carrots are doing the best . I am hoping to grow enough to store for winter

  7. simplyblogs

    Both us and the caterpillars enjoyed these carrots. I was surprised by their strong taste — so much better than store bought. Look forward to an early crop next year.

  8. segeimer

    I have finally found my perfect carrot and this is it. They grow well in my soil, big, orange, with lovely sweet carrot flavor. I’m going to stick with this variety.

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  10. evno3000

    These are great!

  11. kalauing

    Nice carrot that grew well in MN.

  12. josephmajora

    Mine is struggling growing during the spring time. I will try again this year.

  13. asia.gregg

    These did awesome in the subpar soil I planted them in. Sweet and beefy lil carrots. Definitely growing these guys again.

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