21 reviews for Black Krim Tomato

  1. dearjungyvr

    Plant performed very well. Big clusters of big fruits as shown, on very sturdy vines. Tomato taste is really excellent… thin skinned, fruity, green, mouth watering and mouth filling… lovely lingering umami finish.

  2. mattie.kahn

    Black Krim has been my favorite tomato since I found them. They melt in your mouth. Garden fresh tomatoes have no rival, and Black Krim is the best. I had lots of them on each vine, they were very large. The only draw back is that really huge ones can get cat faced. However, with their size you still have lots of tomato. I even use these in my sauces. It is especially good in a chunky rainbow sauce I make with red, orange, and yellow varieties. The color of the Black Krim adds deep color to my rainbow sauce.

  3. ourlife767

    Produced tons of fruits that tasted really good. Very juicy also.

  4. steveosullivan77

    Plant performed well, had great production and flavor. 2 years in a row and looking to come back next year for a 3rd year!

  5. sharmo0361

    The fruit was small, but tasty. I love the hint of smokiness.

  6. daniellequiggins

    Southeast zone 7b/8a. The BEST tomato I’ve ever had! Fruits averaged 8oz each and were sweet and smokey and perfectly smooth and juicy. Harvested the first one 48 days after transplanting. Between 2 plants I harvested about 55 tomatoes. Germination was quick and the plants were sturdy and had good disease and heat resistance. I will grow these every year forever.

  7. lori.m.greco

    I feel like this tomato variety has a really wonderful smoky taste to it that you just don’t get with a lot of other varieties. Very similar to the Cherokee purple and about the same maturity days. With this being an heirloom variety I believe it takes about 80 to 85 days before you’re able to harvest any of your tomatoes but this is well worth the wait. Definitely one of my most favorite tomatoes I have ever tried.

  8. lyonsashley267

    Nice tomato! I am happy with it.

  9. avatarnaseerlion

    Beautiful fruit. It is the most delicious tomato I have ever eaten. This was my first time growing a non-red variety, and it was well worth it.

  10. evno3000

    These are great!

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. ilovebugs08

    Great taste, fairly average vigor for an heirloom

  13. ourlife767

    good germination, good production

  14. katressler115

    Great producer, excellent taste. Will definitely grow again!

  15. shannonsweeley

    These did not produce as well for me as my other tomatoes. It was my first year gardening though so I think it was user error. I will give them another shot. (zone 9)

  16. evno3000

    These were great!

  17. artemisville

    I think I just need to amend my soil better since I didn’t get a great yield last summer. I’m trying again because the few that I did get were beautiful and tasty

  18. lamoureux.6697

    My favourite tomato. Good strong plant not as many tomatoes on the plant at this time . Three large tomatoes. Hopefully will star to make more flowers

  19. frothtales

    Good germination. A vigorous plant that produced a large number of tomatoes. Amazing flavor.

  20. melissa.krat

    Pretty, productive, unique, strudy and tastey.

  21. ashlie.hoban

    These produced very well and compared well with the cherokee purple both were equally tasty in our opinion.

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