6 reviews for Painted Pony Bean

  1. cindy2

    I try to grow my own 10-bean soup each year and these are a gorgeous addition to the mix. I had good yield and high germination. I had a long bed with multiple dry bean varieties that I added string support lines to, and some of these plants got tall enough to need it.

  2. Katie Volner

    These had good production and germination. Not the best for a green bean. Definitely save for dry beans.

  3. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  4. ourlife767

    very prolific

  5. mj_cupkie

    I was very excited to purchase these. Unfortunately the germination rate for me was very disappointing. Only 1 out of 18 of the seeds actually germinated. I am going to go ahead and see if any of the 7 remaining seeds will germinate.

  6. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

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