9 reviews for Henderson Lima Bean

  1. Umekoshungi

    Good looking plants. I had seen Henderson bush beans before and assumed these would bush too. You know what they say about when you make assumtions… haven’t had beans yet but so far I’m impressed by the quality of seeds.

  2. hmust1

    Compact plants with lots of pods. I also grew pole lima beans this season in another location, and the pole beans were completely eaten by bean beetles, but not the Henderson’s! The taste is pure lima and the texture is firm even after cooking. These will definitely be a staple in my garden from now on!

  3. sabine.katsavrias

    planted in spring in aust currently november with plants growing in vine not bush form as described, healthy enough, good germination. to early for beans yet.

  4. sabine.katsavrias

    had to come back and update my review, Never grew or even ate a lima bean, did not know the tendrils are normal growth which dont climb. Plants very healthy setting many beans aobut a foot and a bit tall.

  5. clh5225

    Very easy to plant and grow!

  6. lcb.breauxfarms

    Great germination! Plentiful! Great for seed saving and are delicious! We love our “butter beans” down here in the South! Highly recommend! Growing Zone 9b.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. happytimesahead23

    Great for stews

  9. awizard.amy

    Can’t wait to grow these!

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