9 reviews for Contender Bush Bean

  1. Joe Koslowski

    Another veggie that was a hit with family and friends. So eazy to grow and Harvest

  2. Glenna F

    I started these inside and within a few days they were up and leafing out. Excellent germination rate.

  3. Darren Lind

    Great germination and and nice strong seedlings

  4. bladeddragon

    An absolutely wonderful product. Plant bushed out to about 2′ x 2′ but it produced beans for months. Averaging about 4 cups every other day. Excellent taste but I personally would not freezing as they take on a tough nature. Grown in 12 inches of garden gold compost laid in place over leaf litter and cardboard the prior fall.

  5. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  6. aundrea.dc.0923

    These germinated quickly and they taste great! They also produce a good amount per plant

  7. happytimesahead23

    Grows abundantly

  8. ohgardener44691

    Amazing production, great taste. Love this bean!!!

  9. lamoureux.6697

    Great plant and productive

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