13 reviews for Purple Ruffles Basil

  1. Mike Chen

    Wonderful! Awsome!

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Beautiful color. Grew very well. I personally like the taste of regular green basil more.

  3. aosvath

    One of the most heat tolerant basils I’ve ever grown. Doesn’t go to seed very fast, stays sweet and doesn’t go bitter. Even when flowers form the leaves keep on growing. Basil flavor is mild, not spicy.

  4. cheneytori

    SOOOO MANY MYSTERY SEEDS! This pack is a wildcard! My seeds have ranged from pure green with no ruffles, to purple speckled with no ruffles, to pure purple with no ruffles, a mix of both green and purple without any ruffles, and FINALLY purple ruffles! I LOVE THE SPECKLED ONES. Some of my pure purple smell amazing, some smell like licorice. The purple ruffles plant smells so so good both basil and hints of cinnamon. The leaves are incredibly delicious. This plant germinated fast and grew well. Will definitely grow again! Beautiful!

  5. moonieee

    These plants and coloring is so pretty and loved growing them. Doing well in zone 9b even with the heat though I make sure all our basils get afternoon shade which does help a great deal!

  6. meetapat817

    Great germination. Got some plants with green leaves and purple speckles which look pretty. The plants with purple leaves are stunning. Good flavor and scent. I will be growing again. Did well in extreme heat.

  7. reesa.anne

    Pretty bummed by these, some plants were only green with purple speckles, most of the plants were purpleish but not ruffled and no where near as purple as my neighbors purple ruffle basil. MI gardener needs to work on getting more pure seeds.

  8. lyonsashley267

    A bit dissapointed. Opal basil is what basically grew. No ruffles and green/purple rounded leaves.

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  10. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  11. ourlife767

    very great

  12. aminta.s.largaespada

    Fast grower! One of my bigest basil right now

  13. lamoureux.6697

    Second year growing. Love the colour. Last year grew as decoration in pots that were way to small still grew and got the decorative look I wanted. Will do this again this year but will also have a place in my garden.

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