14 reviews for Piccolino Basil

  1. u.kisses4u

    These little beauties give a punch! Planted vigorously and it sprouted up a storm. Full and gorgeous after multiple harvest. Wonderful for small spaces too! Just a beautiful plant. Thank you!

  2. briabram49836

    These are sO CUTE! I left 2 to grow right tight together and it is the cutest little plant! Very strong smell.

  3. bouncerdjwife

    All of the different basil types of purchased from here have all sprouted so quickly. I am making a basil bed with all the different types. Can’t wait.

  4. lyonsashley267

    Great germination! However I struggled to find a use for the tiny leaves. I don’t think that I’d plant it again for practical use.

  5. stephscrazycreations

    I love this basil for inside herb garden. Easy to grow, full of flavor and very fragrant.

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. evanrahaman

    Love this basil

  8. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  9. scenestra

    This stuff is adorable, also seriously strong flavor, so even though its a tiny plant it just as useful in the kitchen.

  10. ourlife767

    Very good

  11. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

  12. kyle.lessman

    Growing these has really been a joy! Great germination and consistent growth – not fussy at all! They grow naturally in perfect little ball shapes, just like the picture.

  13. 15allisonsmith

    I grew two of these plants in an empty plastic 10 oz cherry tomato container on my window still over the late winter/early spring. They germinated wonderfully, and they thrived despite my lack of watering. The flavor is mildly spicy for a basil. They’re flowering right now and I intend to save seeds.
    I need to figure out how to prune mine next time to get this cute little bushing appearance in the photo. Curious to know how many plants that is.

  14. embrasserlesoleil

    Cuties! I started a couple little cells of these for a winter window herb. The seeds germinated quickly and at about a week old, they already give me a basil scent on the finger after a small touch.
    I am excited to cook with these little guys!

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