19 reviews for Mammoth Basil

  1. Thanh

    This is now probably my favorite basil. Large leaves as big as your stretched palm. Grow rate and taste are similar to Genovese.

  2. Joseph

    Absolutely love this variety. Goes perfectly with beefsteak tomato slices and mozzarella cheese for Caprese Salad. Very aromatic as well.

  3. dbooe1

    My favorite variety! Excellent germination and it really has huge leaves! Same great flavor as Genovese, you need only one leaf for a sandwich! Everyone who sees it comments on the size.

  4. sdwelch

    Huge leaves, fantastic flavor. Great germination. This will be my number one basil in the future.

  5. skinsplace4

    This basil is HUGE!! Grows easily and tastes like basil. It is amazing!

  6. briabram49836

    Great germination, didnt grow as big as i thought it would, may be due to planting it in a container with other herbs?? but is wonderful for pesto!

  7. Patcharavadee Julotai

    Great germination rate. Large leaves. Taste like Italian basil. Perfect for hamburgers, sliced tomato & mozzarella. They keep producing the whole summer. Highly recommend!

  8. moonieee

    Fantastic plants grew beautifully in zone 9 b! My husband is making tons of pesto from these!! Germination rates were also just fantastic!

  9. sert1

    happy with this purchase. successful in germination and not finicky with temperature.

  10. Patcharavadee Julotai

    I LOVE mammoth basils. Large leaves (as big as my palm). Taste is similar to Italian basils. It is perfect for sandwiches. I am on a low carb diet, so I replace buns with mammoth basil leaves. All of my friends are always amazed when they see my mammoth basils. I will absolutely grow them again.

  11. jamesstepworks

    Hardy plants, grew very easily. I mistreated them and they still grew well.

  12. Ryan Koch

    NC zone 7B. Grew well in summer in a hanging basket with 3 in there. Over crowded and let it go to flower after prunes and getting a foot tall. Not as tasty during hot summer days but a lot of fun. If you have a basil bed or like cool varieties worth a grow the leaves are huge and make good filler basil!

  13. Joseph

    This basil is showy for sure with its large leaves, and perfect for Caprese salad. Unfortunately, I found that the flavor is not as strong as that of Italian large leaf basil.

  14. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  15. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  16. ilukephotography

    Perfect germination and. Even the little seedlings are very fragrant.

  17. ourlife767

    Great production

  18. aminta.s.largaespada

    If you are a basil lover… Try this.. Woooow!!

  19. lamoureux.6697

    This is my favourite of all the basil I grow. I grow 7 different types. Love it to do our pesto. Beautiful big leaves. A must.

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