17 reviews for Red Garnett Amaranth

  1. Shannon

    High germination and absolutely beautiful color to the little seedlings. Looking forward to seeing this grow big and more beautiful.

  2. Bibi zahir

    Good very beautiful

  3. Mike Minicucci

    Grows into a very tall, striking plant. The color is ruby rather than the purple shown here. Looks great with sunflowers in a boarder. Grows fine in sandy soil when watered enough as a young plant.

  4. lilicallegom

    One of the few greens that kept providing for us in summer in North Fl

  5. ginseyart

    Received everything fast. Excellent germination. My first year turned my little front yard into a big ole garden. Have other areas to garden out back. Am excited after watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for affordable products. Inspired here in the Appalachian Mtns of VA. Definitely a repeat customer.

  6. mary712

    High germination and beautiful color and flavor. This is one of my favorite leafy veg. Mine grew almost 8 ft tall during the peek summer in Texas. shared plenty with friends and neighbors. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Patcharavadee Julotai

    They took a while to germinate and grow. Once they establish, the leaves, stems, flowers are stunning!!! They are too beautiful, so I didn’t want to eat the leaves. But I did, and they grew back!

  8. candace.elder.8289

    Very beatiful!

  9. ocean_breaz

    Red Garnett Amaranth was a first in my PA Zone 6B 2020 garden. Reading they grow 6-8ft tall and then seeing it was gorgeous. Best grown along a fence; I’m sure the seeds will prolifically volunteer. It was a riot the competition between one Amaranth and one Mammoth Sunflower ; they were neck to neck until the giant SF head weight drooped over. Recommending to my twin in WA state! Our Lord provided so many unique and fun seeds for us to enjoy. Thanks. MIGardner for making them affordable.

  10. lyonsashley267

    Will plant this next year. Very beneficial plant

  11. jess.r.cutting

    These were the star of my garden and I will plant them always. The leaves glitter and they are a wonderful attractor for bird watchers once they go to seed. My chickens also loved the seed from these.

  12. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  13. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  14. Rebecca Cook

    Nearly if not 100% germination. I surfaced sowed and pressed into the soil. They tiny red sprouts were adorable! I did have some frost damage early in the season, but I knew they are not frost hardy plants and had them in an unheated greenhouse. I planted mine in the back of my flowerbed against a brick wall in between sunflowers, and I look forward to the height and color this season.

  15. aliciadapice

    About half the seeds germinated and germination took a long time, but it was so fun to grow. They are beautiful leaves and I made a beet and amaranth quiche.

  16. jenny.chang.ruiz

    I wish I could attach pictures. They look so beautiful. It’s sprouted beautifully. And are being devoured by snails or catapillers. Some survived and are really nice. They look great against marigold jack mix.

  17. jenny.chang.ruiz

    The color are beautiful.

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