45 reviews for 2021 Seed Grab Bag (30ct.)

  1. Kenenth

    I can safely say this is a wonderful value when you’re not sure what you’d like to plant for the coming season. Of the 30 seeds in my first order, I received 16 different types of seed with a maximum of 4 duplicates (Lemon Cucumber, which based on what I’ve found online is not a bad thing to have a lot of). Considering the price of seed elsewhere, this will be my go-to order unless there’s something very particular I’m looking to acquire; thank you again MIGardener!
    (Who doesn’t like a nice surprise now and then? c: )

    • MIgardener

      We are so happy that you like it! It is great to find them a home and since they don’t go bad immediately it is a win/win for everyone!

  2. Dale

    This is without question the best bargain I have stumbled across. Shipping was fast, too. Can’t wait to get seedlings started. Thank you so very much MIgardener!

  3. Shannon Hagedorn

    I have ordered the grab bag twice and LOVED the selections. It was like Christmas in the mail. Love your company, FB updates and your youtube channel. Here’s to a successful 2017!

    • MIgardener

      Thank you SO much! I certainly am pleased to hear you enjoy your grab bag, and I am thrilled we could give you a good value. Remember to go back to the individual seed packs and leave a review for how those grow! It will not only help others out, but it will also give you points towards your next purchase! -Luke

  4. Danielle

    Great deal! It was very exciting to get my seeds early and finding out what was in it! Love surprises! Of the 30 I got 18 different varieties; the most duplicates for me (4) was Great White tomato. Second most was white wonder cucumber (3) Will be neat to try those! Good all around selection; I got squash, tomatoes, radish, melons, pumpkin, peppers, cucumber, lettuce, and two mystery bags without labels! Thank you MIGardener!

  5. Allison Kramer

    This was a great deal!!!! Got lots of different varitys!! Although be careful if you don’t want duplicates because in my order I got up to 13 duplicates of one plant but over all was a good buy!!!!

    • MIgardener

      oh no!!! 🙁 We have no way of guessing what people get because we literally just throw everything into a bucket and draw out 30. I didn’t even look when I packed your grab bag since I never look! I feel so sorry. Would you like us to send you a return label so we can make it right? -luke

  6. Jamie Hart

    I ordered 3 of these because I don’t know what I want to plant this year so I thought why not. I got some neat seeds but the only bummer was I’d say 50 percent of what I received was white onion or hot peppers. Was just hoping for more variety.

  7. Catherine Huang

    Great value. And fun! Great chance to try vegies we might not have thought of buying — lemon cukes, white cukes, new radishes. We got 18 different varieties of seeds — more hot peppers both in kinds and numbers of packets than we’d ever plant in our lives, lol — shared the bounty with friends and the local seed exchange. I decided to plant all the onions (guys! you sent me about 700 seeds!) because onion seeds over a year old supposedly have poor germination? Nope! They’re all sprouting so vigorously! I’m amazed by the quality of your seeds. Going to have a LOT of onions to take to the farmer’s market this summer.

  8. Ricardo

    Luke I’ve got a question, why is this product out of stock? I wish to order it. I just started a raised bed, and need this seeds. Thank you.

    • MIgardener

      it is sold out because it is 2017 and the 2016 seeds are long long gone. We will be doing this same this when 2018 rolls around.

  9. mlljenks78

    oh my goodness, I am so glad I bought two of these. I got a wide variety – sunflowers, lavender, chamomile, herbs, variety of beans and squash, kale, cabbage, tomatoes and so much more! What duplicates I did get, I am sharing with my sister and or building a seed bank in case of an emergency. Thank you so much!

  10. Kenneth

    I placed 2 orders for the grab bags! Shipped fast! I got a few duplicates which was to be expected! But the HUGE variety there was… Wow. Well worth it! Will be growing the lettuce and a few others inside the hydroponic this winter and next years garden will be full of new stuff! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you and Thank you! Wish you and your family the best!

  11. Morgan moore

    My Much anticipated 2017 grab bag arrived seconds ago! I am over the moon excited for the variety of seeds I received. It includes everything I’ve been wanting! Huge variety. Only a few doubles that I’m actually ecstatic that they were doubled!!! My only regret is not purchasing more. Thank you for an amazing product at a phenomenal price! Will 100% purchase again every year they are available.

  12. Mike

    Great for intermediate and experienced gardeners who want a mix of old favorites and seeds you probably haven’t tried. My first bag was Bachelor’s Button, Basil, Mung bean (2), Lima bean, Strike bush bean, (2) Chamomile (3), clover, white cucumber, Beit Alpha Cucumber (2), Lavender (2), mustard, banana pepper, Cubanelle pepper, Big Jim pepper, coral Bell pepper, Big Max pumpkin (2), radish (2), Blue Hubbard squash (2), sunflower, Swiss chard. My second was Contender bush bean, garbanzo bean (2), Strike bush bean (2), Broccoli Rabe, Cabbage, catnip, chamomile, chervil (2). sweet corn, endive, kale, lavender, Iceberg lettuce (2), Red Sails lettuce, Minutina, Tokyo onion, Crystal onion, banana pepper, Jalapeno pepper, Big Max pumpkin, radicchio, radish, Swiss chard, Bonny Best tomato, Ace 50 tomato, Mariglobe tomato. Very happy with my grab bags and will order again. I’ll be expanding my quarter acre garden because of MIGardener.

  13. sean roche

    Arrived in Ireland after 7 days, a wide variety of crops to try next year…. New Tomatoes, chillis, sweet peppers, melon, basil, pumkin, some flowers, beans. Thanks guys I love my “Lucky Bag”

  14. hotbutt87

    Did this for the first time (2017) want to do it every year now lol! Great price, great variety and was almost like ya’ll knew I was looking for those varieties! LOVE IT!

  15. yackley_n

    Amazing price for such a high quality of seeds

  16. vnswamy

    great seeds!
    but there are only 29 seed packets , counted few times before i wrote this!

  17. lmjk1221

    This is my 2nd year purchasing a Grab Bag – what fun to open the package and see what’s inside! This year I got 30 packets of 30 different seeds – a few old favorites, a few that I’ve been wanting to try, and a few that I would probably hesitate to buy (like coffee!) but now that I have them, why not grow them! .99 a packet for excellent quality seed is a great value – 30 packets for $10 is a steal!

  18. kpnmunson

    I fully anticipated getting duplicates when I purchased. I recieved zero duplicates! Lucky me! I recieved a beautiful mix of seeds. I recieved 6 ‘salad’ type seeds (kale, spinach, lettuce and dandelion), 4 types of tomatoes, 4 types of squash, 2 hot peppers, 3 flowers and a lovely assortment of other seed types. It was a great brag bag of seeds I’m familiar with but also ones I can look forward to trying for the first time! This package is a complete steal for $10!


    So glad I took a chance on this! Only 4 duplicates. 5 types of tomatoes, 4 basil varieties, 2 different types of beets , watermelon, turnips, 2 different types of cucumber , tarragon, chia, dandelion, squash, parsnip, Kohlrabi not sure what that is but looks cool + others I would not have tried on my own. Kind of fun not knowing whats coming.
    All in all a great deal don’t miss it!!!

  20. stylensassy

    Last year I got a couple duplicates, but this year I didn’t! I feel like I won the lottery because Cucamelon was one of the seed packets and I had been dying to try them! They were sold out when the sale was going on. SO EXCITED, THANK YOU! This deal is so worth it because I got some other things I’ve never tried growing before either. =)

  21. Josh DeCamp

    Just got my grab bag today. Out of 30 packs i got 27 different seed types! Lots of stuff I can’t wait to try. Almost all are brand new varieties ive never tried. Looking forward to the Purple Tomatillos, Green Zebra Tomatoes and American Yard Cucumber to name a few.

  22. hgaris

    This is the best thing! It is an amazing price and a ton of fun. Shipping was very fast. I bought a couple of grab bags and had very few duplicates. Definitely recommend!

  23. speckled_wings

    Fantastic variety!!!! I’ve only gotten 3 duplicates and am completely thrilled with the duplicates (you can never have to many cucumber and lettuce seeds)! They were also only duplicate, not 3 or 4. So out of 30 packets I received 27 different seeds!!!!! I love surprises and I’m thrilled with the amazing variety. I’m really looking forward to seed starting after Winter!

  24. joelkitts

    After reading the reviews for this grab bag of seeds and coming to terms with the fact I would probably be getting lots of duplicates I went ahead and ordered them. When they arrived today i was more than impressed with my haul. I didnt get one duplicate pack of seeds….not one! Here is what I got: Red Burgundy Okra, Rosa Bianca Eggplant. Golden Beauty Casaba Melon, Poona Kheera Cucumber, Howden Pumpkin, Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify, Yellow Pear Tomato, Cimmaron Lettuce, Birdhouse Gourd, Purple Top White Globe Turnip, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Red Russian Kale, Giant Prague Celeriac, Southport White Globe Bunching Onion, Chia, Siam Queen Basil, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Grey Summer Zucchini, Spacemaster 80 Cucumber, Salad Bowl Mix, Marglobe Tomato, Tiffen mennonite Tomato, Rio Grande Tomato, New Yorker Tomato, Large Red Cherry Tomato, Brandywine Tomato, Foradade Tomato, Cracker Jack Marigold, Red California Poppy, and Tall white Bachelors Button. You can not beat this collection for 10 anywhere else! Thank you so much MIGardener, I cant wait to pop a few of these in some soil tonight!

  25. mosawi121

    Wow nothing to say I bought 5 each around 25 to 27 different seeds!! Some rare seeds also, thanks a lot Migardner

  26. 302a4c12

    I’m very happy with the selection I received from buying one grab bag. Contained a wide variety of crop types: roots, salad greens, herbs, veggie-fruits, grains, gourds, a legume, and a flower. Some are things I had considered buying before but had put off getting, so they were particularly pleasant surprises. In terms of duplicates, only had one and it was one of the varieties that has a small package count – so an extra packet is definitely welcome.

  27. Chuck Jackson

    Fun surprises, I don’t know where I am going to plant all this but it’s going to be fun figuring it out! The kids are excited about the melons and gourds!?

  28. sloop_jessica

    I began watching the youtube videos a couple months ago when I realized I really enjoy gardening especially since it goes hand in hand with my other favorite thing to do which is cooking. I was amazed at the variety on the website and even more amazed at the price. I am in the process of figuring out what I want to grow next season (given that Texas weather can be a bit crazy), but what better way than to get a grab bag. I received it last night and I couldnt be more ecstatic. Of course every order of the grab bag is different but here is what I received:
    Texas Early Grano 502 Onion, Mammoth Basil, Salad Bowl Mix, White Bush Scallop Squash, California Wonder Bell Pepper, Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, Prizehead Leaf Lettuce, Red Burgundy Okra, Sugar Snap Peas, Meadow Wildflower Mix, Crackerjack Mix Marigold, Bibb Butterhead Lettuce, Triple Curled Parsley, Early White Vienna Kohlrabi, Brandywine Pink Tomato, Cimmaron Lettuce, Stevia, Abe Lincoln Tomato, Pineapple Tomato, Howden Pumpkin, Milk Thistle, Ruby Red Long Day Onion, Birdhouse Gourd, American Flag Leek, Black Beauty Eggplant, Burgess Buttercup Squash, Southpoint White Globe Bunching Onion, Coffee, Charleston Grey Watermelon, and Poona Kheera Cucumber x2. A total of 31 packs.
    I can’t wait for next season, thank you!!

  29. ajcpht

    I’ve ordered and received three grab bags. Out of 90 packets, I’ve received 67 unique varieties of seeds. I received 2 packets each of 17 varieties, and 3 packets each of 2 varieties. I’m extremely impressed by the diversity of seeds I received! What I got duplicates of, I’ll bring the extra packets to my next local seed swap and exchange them for other things. So I see it as a win/win/win! What a great deal. I’m ordering my fourth and probably final grab bag for this season, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for next year’s grab bags. Fingers crossed for some eggplant, because that’s the only thing the grab bags haven’t checked off from my list. 😉 I wish I could attach a photo to show my bounty!
    My one and only constructive criticism is that some of my packets don’t have any stickum on the flaps. Nothing a little tape won’t fix on my end, but just wanted to let you know.
    Love, a very satisfied (and return) customer. <3

  30. nhladyslipperfree

    You must be psychic, lol. Got my grab bag, it’s like opening Chrismas presents! I didnt have any duplicates and many were of plants that I grow every year! Only a few I haven’t tried before so that is gonna be fun! The coffee plant seeds will be interesting to grow inside over the winter, so thank you so much for relieving me from that “empty garden syndrome”

  31. geekyglamor

    Great value! Partially luck based but awesome picks non-the-less!! Out of our 2 sets we bought (total of 60 packs) we ended up with only an amazing 8 duplicates! That’s 13%. I have allot of work ahead of me this winter setting up our yard to accommodate, looking forward to next year.

  32. rebeccah465

    I just got my seed grab bag in today..Im so happy with my new seeds,yes there are many duplicates but i dont mind,plus you can’t beat the price,thanks MIGardener!

  33. noerydiaz

    I have bought at least 3 bags and they have been awesome! I was going to buy another one but I guess you guys are out. I have some planted out already in my beds and others I have growing in cups to transfer to the beds when they get a little bigger. I absolutely love it.

  34. Jaimelinton

    Great value and great variety. I actually didn’t get any duplicates, they were all different.

  35. shaylaxcapri

    I got no duplicates at all, this was a great buy!

  36. givinglory

    I have only read the other reviews for the grab bag, but I am sooo excited about the possibility of ordering one for 2020!! I hope I catch the sale because they’ll probably sell out quickly. I’m thinking about buying a few extra to give as gifts to some of my gardening friends; maybe even a Christmas gift along with one of your mugs! AAAAAAA! I’m so excited!!

  37. jerdvd2

    I just ordered my seeds for next year. It is 15 dollars for 30 packs of seeds or 50 cents per pack. You can’t beat that and these seeds are great with a very high germination rate when the seeds come from Michigan and growing in zone 8 B Seattle,Washington.

  38. karleigh.81603

    Received my order today. So excited to try some of these. I did not get doubles of anything but did get a few different types of radishes. I also ended up with several packs of seeds that I had planned on buying anyway which is awesome.

  39. robert murphy

    I am going from a front porch with tomato containers to a real yard with huge garden space next season. This grab bag was spectacular for me. I got lots of seeds for things i planned to order and lots of seeds for things that i am very excited to try planting. I did not expect edible flowers and am very happy about getting 3 different ones. not including the artichoke i got. The only copies i got are singles of some pole beans and some cucumbers. To that i say good im glad i got copies. Best seed value around.

  40. Brooke Scharff

    I have been SO excited waiting for this to come and I was absolutely not let down. I didn’t receive any duplicates, and I did get a few items that I had put on my wish list to buy in the future. I got a good mixture, there were four different kinds of lettuce (which I don’t mind at all since they’ll make a better mixed salad than just one variety) and a few interesting varieties of things that I wouldn’t have thought to look up on my own (like Eight Ball Zucchini and Black Diamond Melons.) I’m also thrilled that I got a good blend of types – there are root veg, leafy greens, summer standards (tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc.,) herbs, and flowers (edible and decorative.) There are even a few perennials. Absolutely satisfied and will definitely jump on it ASAP in future years.

  41. lostinthewoods9575

    These are fun to get since there is always an array of new things to try! I’ve never received many multiples in the same bag.

  42. greenmm1980

    Love the grab bags! I received a lovely variety of seeds a d can’t wait to try them!

  43. runner4008

    Awesome value. I purchased 3 grab bags and the only things I got “double” or “triple” of were because I ordered 3 bags. There were not duplicates in a bag. Good variety, and will continue to buy them

  44. lawrence.amy1

    I love buying these grab bags of seeds! Value alone is great and I enjoy the excitement of not knowing what I’m getting. The grab bag I received had a variety of vegetables and flowers. I know the grab bags are offered at the end of the season and seeds are discounted, however I’d love to see the grab bag option offered throughout the year at full price.

  45. awizard.amy

    Just got my order today, very happy with the order since I only have a few duplicates. Got edible flowers and a bunch of vegetable seeds. A great buy! I have enough seeds to last a long time, lol.

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