8 reviews for Coming Spring 2022: 10ct. ‘Quinalt’ Strawberry Plants – Everbearing

  1. acequiamadre.nm

    After watching MIgardener’s strawberry videos on youtube, I was inspired to order from this site. I ordered 5 types of berries: Allstar, honeyo, June-bearing, Quinalt, and Chandler. When they arrived I was stunned. One bunch was missing (later refunded as it was sold out), three bunched were the smallest, blackest, slimiest things ever. I pulled them slick mass apart to discover that not only were they small, dead-looking, and a fused together ball of muck, three of the bundles has only 7-8 of what one could call a strawberry plant (if one was being more than generous). One bunch was on the low end of acceptable. At least there was some sign of life and the plants were not a ball of smelly brown goo. I emailed the customer service right away. They said they would credit my account if I sent pictures, which I did. Then….radio silence. I have emailed them three more times in attempt to resolve the issue. Out of the “decent” batch, only 5 plants survived (versus 100% survival from a random Amazon order). Bad shipments happen. Lack of follow-through from customer service happens. However, MIGardener has had multiple opportunities to make it right and simply ignored the issue after offering to resolve it. I would recommend you look elsewhere for healthy strawberry plants unless balls of brown slime are your thing!

  2. evanrahaman

    these are great

  3. evno3000

    These are great!

  4. hannalice

    Just received my bare root Quinalt strawberry crowns yesterday, and I am seriously impressed. The crowns were large, had good, healthy root systems, the soil and shavings were still damp in the bag, and a few crowns had already sprouted. Soaked them overnight and planted them in my containers today, and I’m way more hopeful for these than I was for some previous crowns I’d gotten from another seller. Looking forward to fresh berries next year!

  5. pamcrawford1980

    I ordered 5 types of strawberries only 2 came to me with any life in them, the others were brown and totally dead, I soaked them,did everything I could, no use. The kinds that came in good condition are still alive and doing well but don’t believe I’ll be ordering strawberries from here again

  6. evno3000

    These were great!

  7. christinasmith525

    My Quinalt strawberry plants arrived in very poor condition. Most of them looked dead. I soaked them overnight and planted them in a container of standard potting soil. Only 5 plants are growing after a month. I’m really disappointed, as I have had nothing but success with the seeds I have ordered.

  8. libra.leigh

    The package arrived and unfortunately they weren’t in good condition. They were all slimy and likely had too much moisture in the pack. I planted them just in case, but unfortunately none of them sprouted. Judging from the other reviews, this is an ongoing problem with these. I won’t purchase these again.

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