4 reviews for C-Clip Support for Cucumbers & Tomatoes (10 ct.)

  1. Bo

    Actually, I have never used this item. I’m waiting for my first set. However, the concept of being reusable and UV resistant should make this item a useful tool.

  2. MIgardener

    Used them for 5 years and I have been using the same clips for 3. Long lasting, and durable.

  3. Anthony Noll

    The best tomato staking tools in my opinion.

  4. nvjlk

    Bought 20 on my first order just to try them out. They work so well, I just came back to buy some more. Currently they are helping my cucumbers climb a trellis and I’m sure they’ll be used on my tomatoes when they’re big enough.
    Great product that can be used over and over again.

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