17 reviews for MIgardener Worm Castings

  1. J Elaine

    I loved the YouTube.com video on how you cared for your worms while extracting their castings. I’ve been a subscriber since about May 2016. This website should have a “wish list” button (for smart phones) because I’ve found a lot of things I’d like to bookmark, and subsequently purchase.

    • MIgardener

      We will have a wishlist button very soon! November 1st we will have it!

  2. J Elaine

    How soon will you have more of this product in stock? I was hoping to cultivate my soil now in prep for spring planting.

  3. Rickie Schulte

    :Just want to state, i ordered seeds, they came quick, and well packaged, also great information on back of packets on planting, and when to start. Thank you luke.

  4. angelanamos

    Do you have a catalog I found you on youtube when I lived in Vegas moved back to Michigan 8 months ago I would love to look through all your seeds and products. Thanks for all the information and gardening tips. I will be ordering from you for now on, I believe in supporting locally. God bless you and your family

    • MIgardener

      We do not have a catalog unfortunately because of the cost of producing and mailing them, it is one way we cut costs to transfer the savings to you! This is just one of the many ways we can provide amazing quality seed at just .99 per pack. Thank you for supporting local!

  5. Cheryl Creevey

    Do you sell the worms?

    • MIgardener

      We do not unfortunately! Sorry about that!

  6. klseabron

    When will this be back in stock?

  7. Laurie Hilliard

    I need this and would prefer not to buy from someone else. Also need your neem oil (sold out)

  8. Christina Freeman

    Great amendment for the soil!

  9. Ramona Macabugao

    Hi Luke! I’m a novice gardener and I found you in You tube…great info and fun to watch you. What’s the weight on this work castings you sell?

  10. Anthony Noll

    Great worm castings

  11. Anthony Noll

    Love this stuff. Hope you get more soon cause I’m in need of it right now.

  12. tiffany.lobo21

    ABSOLUTELY REJUVENATING! Using it for outside direct sowing right now but also added some underneath a few different plants including an indoor carrot, radish, catnip experiment,a sugar snap pea plant started indoors and tomato starts and LITERALLY saw them perk up and leaves stretch and grow overnight <3 thank you!

  13. lyonsashley267

    really helps the soil

  14. adoncat33

    I love the videos. I started buying seeds and have been very successful with them even though I really don’t have a green thumb! Thank you!

  15. auracal

    What is the weight of the bag?

  16. foxlm65

    I loved your video in how you cared for made your worm castings. I received them too late to add to my raised beds before planting but I plan on adding some to my compost pile and when I amend the soil in my raised beds this fall. Thank you for posting all your videos. I have learned so much in just a short time. I plan on ordering some seeds for spring planting.

  17. rosette

    I gave it a perfect score even though I haven’t actually used this before, because of the reviews on your website I have great faith in your products. Would be great to know how much is in the bag,which others have already mentioned. Would also be good to receive replies to emails. Not complaining though as I feel blessed to have come across your YouTube videos and this website! While some people read magazines for entertainment, I read through your product descriptions! Thank you for offering so many great products at awesome prices!

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