12 reviews for Clyde’s Compact Sliding Garden Planner & Planting Guide

  1. organicloafofmilk

    excellent addition to my gardening journal. really helps keep track of when to order seeds, get them started, and when I can plant late in the season for a fall harvest.

  2. nona.sumner

    This helped me plan my garden with perfect timing!

  3. bladeddragon

    I purchased this for my lady. For a beginning gardener she loves it. It provides all the information you need for when to start how to start and anything else you might be able to think of. An extremetly useful tool.. If your lady forgets what you tell her 5 minutes after you stop talking.. This is a tool for you. Let her figure it out its all in there and you’ll never have to listen to it again.

  4. bouncerdjwife

    I got this literally just to humor and amuse myself. Also got to help family and friends figure out their garden planning for their gardens. Their zones are different to mine. This helps me help them.

  5. loserlinda

    Great addition to my gardening collection. Helps me visualize when to get things started and plan ahead. It really helped me with my overthinking. I just pull out the planner and take a look at that.

  6. t.arseneau

    This is really helping this amateur gardener plan out the 2021 garden season. Hoping for a more better season than last!

  7. emberkl2

    This tool is so helpful! Before I had a calendar to do this. This little tool is SO MUCH BETTER!! I can’t even explain how much I love it! Before I had to flip through multiple months and often change my entire schedule because of the weather. This is so much simpler, smaller, and easier! Best $5 I have ever spent!!

  8. ourlife767

    Very very helpful tool

  9. leahmhal96

    This is quite handy. I used it mostly at the end of the season to find just when I could start stuff for the Fall.

  10. dragonlanceling

    A fantastic masterpiece of easy-to-use compact design that I would recommend to almost anyone.
    Like to play around with garden planning or haven’t gardened long enough to know what works best when in your area? This is for you.
    Running a seed library &/or trying educate new/prospective gardeners? Having this handy made teaching about growing seasons so much easier, it’s something your students/patrons can look at & play with while you talk & gives them something more visual & visceral to help them remember.
    You know the neighborhood conspiracy theorist planning for some nebulous end of the world scenario but has never gardened in their life? Give them this for their bunker (along with some seeds & a recommendation to get a book on Survival Gardening for goodness sake).
    What to plant when is not perfect especially for long growing season areas with a high peak heat (for my Northern Neighbors on the other side of the country this means: 9+ months growing season with upper 90s-100s peak summer heat) but it’s a excellent baseline for general planning.

  11. endurance_addict

    Very handy. Helps me especially with fall gardening. This little garden tool lets me see what I can probably plant successfully that week, without having to look at my phone, which stops me from getting sucked into google for an hour. I can be indecisive on what I want to plant and when/where: This definitely helps me plan and follow through.
    It comes with a simple instructions page which was also helpful.

  12. Kristen Chiaratti

    what a god send! having a large garden can be so confusing and this takes all the guess work out of it for me on when to start/transplant/harvest

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