Grow Your Own Baby Food Kit


Are you aware that a baby will cost the average American parents almost $1,800 over the course of 1 year in food alone? STOP THIS! Grow your own! Growing your own organic baby food is simple, and anyone can do it. You care for your child, so give your child the best quality food around.
We use this amazing website for directions on how to properly prepare the food for safe consumption.

There is nothing different about the edible(ness) of homemade baby food compared to store bought. But what it does differ in is nutrient quality; free from preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It also differs in cost, since if you grow it yourself it costs PENNIES! Food loses nutrients as it ages, meaning your child may not be getting access to rich sources of vitamins and minerals in a crutial time in their life. Home grown food picked that day and at peak ripeness has the highest levels of vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy, happy baby.

This kit contains everything you will need to grow your own baby food and start saving money.
This kit contains 1 pack of each:
(1) lincoln pea
(1) Scarlet Nantes Carrot
(1) Waltham 29 broccoli
(1) Waltham Butternut Squash
(1) Yellow zucchini
(1) Table King acorn squash
(1) Mary Washington Asparagus
(1) Bloomsdale long standing Spinach
(1) Strike Bush Bean

*Always consult your pediatrician before feeding solid foods to your child.

Lincoln Pea

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Scarlet Nantes - Carrot

Seeds per pack: 1000
Days till maturity: 65

This carrot is one of the most popular carrots for home gardeners and market gardeners alike. Consistent 6-7 inch roots, consistent shape, and a sweet flavor makes great for fresh eating or long storage.

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Bean - Bush Strike

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Waltham Butternut - Squash

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Golden Zucchini (Summer) - Squash

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Table King Bush Acorn (Winter) - Squash

Seeds per pack: 25
Days till maturity: 80

The Table King Acorn Squash is a compact plant that is great for home gardeners. The plant usually sets 5-8 large delicious fruits. The Fruits are great for storing and even delevop better flavor when stored briefly. Drizzle with brown sugar and your butter of choice place in the oven to bake at 350º for 15-20 minutes, and enjoy!

Excellent source of: Minerals and Vitamins C, K, E and excellent source of Fiber.

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Mary Washington - Asparagus

Seeds per pack: 100
Days till maturity: 2 years

A typical asparagus with green color changing to purple at the tip. Asparagus is a long lasting perennial plant. Plant grows up to 12" tall. Harvest in second year after planting. Permaculture and perennial food forest favorite.Soak asparagus seeds overnight before planting and plant seeds 4 weeks before the last frost. Place in a well drained location and fertilize with organic material. Hardy in Zones 10-3.

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Waltham 29 Broccoli

Seeds per pack: 300
Days till maturity: 80

The Waltham variety of broccoli is a cold resistant plant that produces medium to large heads. A good variety for fall planting. Waltham broccoli plants can grow up to 2 feet tall.Plant Waltham broccoli as soon as soil can be worked after last frost. Broccoli will mature faster if planted to take advantage of cool periods later in the season. May be planted in the fall 10-12 weeks before first frost. The entire plant is edible, from the leaves, broccoli head and flowers! Wonderful for soups and steaming as a side dish, or served raw with a dip or hummus.

Excellent Source Of: Vitamin C, K, Iron, and Fiber.

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Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing

Seeds per pack: 150
Days till maturity: 40

Bloomsdale Long standing spinach produces huge, dark green leaves with delicious flavor. Spinach is great in salads, cooked, canned or frozen. Slow to bolt and is very easy to grow. Perfect for any gardener, easy to grow. Wonderful eaten raw, cooked or preserve in the freezer to use later. Add it to a pasta dish with some basil and heirloom spaghetti sauce!

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