Golden Zucchini (Summer) – Squash

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25Yes65A Yellow version of the green zucchiniNobeautiful golden yellow fruitsSummertime gardens, grilling, stir-fry, and fresh eating

Plant produces dark green fruits, with a beautiful orange sweet flesh. These squash are so flavorful and sweet, they are a great alternative to mashed sweet potatoes. The flesh is stringless and is great to use for baking reciped and to enjoy simply by steaming. About 4-5 fruits produce per plant.Bush plants, bright-golden cylindrical fruits, medium long and slender, excellent flavor. Delightful in creamy soups, make fresh “zoodles” by mandolin slicing these and topping with fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper and drizzle a bit of olive oil or pesto!


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  1. 4 out of 5

    I grew several of these in my 2016 summer garden. I only got a few zucchini. I was not impressed with the plants but then received update from my sister in law that planted one in her garden. Her plant was a monster and produced tons of yellow zucchini. I surveyed my garden bed and almost nothing was doing well. Tomatoes had blossom end rot, brussel sprouts were stagnant, never got even close to mature size. Thr watermelon vine died leaving me a softball sized fruit. The celery did ok. The soil has a lot more clay than my new garden area and we are getting rid of these old beds. I will plant these again and hope to get the same results my sister in law did.

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