Garden Bon Bons – Herbal Teas


There are eight garden truffles in this handcrafted herbal tea selection – two each of Borage, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Anise.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Red Clay Square – Lemon Balm/Melissa officinalis. Fresh leaves for teas and also for salads. 18″-26″ tall. 70 days to maturity.

Red Clay Blossom – Chamomile/Matricaria recutita. Daisy-like flowers in tea induce a soothing sleepiness. 18″-24″ tall. 60-65 days to maturity.

Red Clay Truffle – Borage/Borago officinalis. Leaves for lovely cucumber flavoured teas. Blossoms are mostly an amazing blue (with possibly some pink) and can be thrown into salads and desserts. 18″-30″ tall. 60 days to maturity.

White Clay Truffle – Anise/Pimpinella anisum. Classic anise or licorice flavor. Tiny white flowers, seeds and leaves for teas, cooking, salads, curries and mexican dishes. 18″-36″ tall. 75-80 days to harvest.

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All Garden Bon Bons are hand-made using a centuries-old technique of rolling seeds with rich organic compost and clay into a ball. The compost provides nutrients and the clay protects the seeds from insects. We present our unique seed balls as special garden truffles, a different shape for each seed – and have dusted some with natural pesticides like ground coffee and cinnamon. Enjoy!


1. Find a sunny spot for your Garden Bon Bon to grow. 2. Put the Garden Bon Bon on top of the earth, gently pressing it in a tiny bit or simply tossing it on top. The seeds won’t germinate if the Bon Bon is buried by earth. 3. Water Garden Bon Bon and soil well until it germinates. This is important! (And if by chance you forget about the bon bons and the soil dries out, try again. There are likely some seeds that will grow a second batch.  4. Watch it grow (if the Garden Bon Bon isn’t getting enough water outdoors, help nature along by watering regularly).

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