2 reviews for Sassy Lass 32oz. (Molasses Concentrate + 1% Humic & 2% fulvic Acid)

  1. richbarb

    It took me awhile to be able to even order this product, as it was consistently sold out as soon as it was listed. Then, it took awhile to receive the product once ordered. I must say, the packaging was not optimal, as the product had leaked into the surrounding plastic bag before I unwrapped it!

    BUT…the product itself made an unmistakable and immediate improvement in everything I put it on. Everything was perkier, fuller and standing up much straighter. I have no doubt that with time it will improve yield.

    So….can you increase your stock? Maybe offer it in a larger quantity (as I used half of it on the first application.) Maybe wrap some tape around the bottle cap to prevent leakage…? Offer an autoship program…? I would certainly be a repeat buyer on this!

  2. zraider73

    Sassy Lass works great. I have used it as directed and saw great results in only a couple of weeks. I also add 1Tbs of Sassy Lass when brewing my worm tea, and wow, my garden loves it and has greatly increased in its production. Even though summer is coming to an end, my garden now looks better than it has all season. Much recommended and will definitely be something I keep using in my garden years to come as long as it’s available.

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