61 reviews for 3lb. Trifecta+

  1. Trixie Montgomery

    Such a value for a FANTASTIC product.

  2. Sally

    Fabulous fertilizer!

  3. Michele B.

    This stuff is AMAZING! Last year I had two pepper babies that I couldn’t find homes for. They sat until late June in a way too small container awaiting a more permanent residence. I found some large containers and transplanted and added some Trifecta+. Fast forward 4 weeks and my newly planted container peppers had TRIPLED in sized and far exceeded the peppers I had planted in my raised bed MONTHS prior. These two plants were the only to produce.It was a true miracle and I will be sure to add this fertilizer gold to my raised beds this growing season!

  4. Giovana Frei

    I will give it 5 starts.. It will be my first year using trifecta, but I heard great things about it.

  5. Lesly

    Please advise when you might be getting more back in stock. Thank you!!

  6. Kathy Smith

    First year using Trifecta + recommended by Love Your Land and many other people. My tomato start are looking good so far! Thanks!!!

  7. Kenneth Gillett-Boyles

    Excellent product. My garden plants absolutely love it. I added some to a couple of plants in the house that I thought were goners. They are doing amazingly well! Thank you for developing this fertilizer.

  8. Sergio Perez

    Absolutely Love Trifecta!!! Trust Me, this really works & it works very well! So glad I found Trifecta!

  9. Christina

    Love, love this product! I’m on my third bag and can’t get enough of it.

  10. Ann-Marie

    I purchased this midway through the season. I wish I had it from the beginning! I had two pepper plants that I rescued. They were in poor condition. I nursed them for about a month, but they weren’t doing well. Then I applied Trifecta+ and they have taken off! They are covered in new growth, beautiful and green, and loaded with blossoms and peppers. I also applied some to my melon beds and a few tomatoes. The tomatoes that received it are lush and green and blossoming well. I can’t wait to try the melons! I will definitely be ordering the 18 lb. box for my large garden next year!

  11. Lindsay Kalinowski

    Easy fertilizer. The plants really grow exceptionally well. Fertilize once, plants are happy all season long. There is no noticeable tie where the plants look like they need more fertilizer. Stable, continuous growth. (zone 5)

  12. Jay

    will this product come back in stock anytime soon?

    • MIgardener

      Beginning of next week! Thanks for your support Jay!

  13. Joseph

    What an amazing product! I would never have thought something like this would be on the market. Trifecta is hands down the best plant fertilizer.

  14. Peter

    When is this product going to be back in stock

    • MIgardener

      Very soon! We will have more in stock very shortly. Check back Monday-Tuesday and we should have plenty.

  15. joelsaxis

    I saw on November 19th commented that Trifecta was going to be back in stock soon, it is now January and it seems out of stock, did it never get restocked or does this stuff just sell out that quickly? Either way will be good to know if more is coming in soon, say this month (January) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you!

    • MIgardener

      it sells out very quickly! We usually restock once a week and so yes, there will be loads more!

  16. krystal78.kc

    I used your fertilizer along with Epsom salt, fish fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer on my garden this past summer. I had the most productive and hardy plants in my 3 years of gardening. I can’t wait until if becomes available again. I referred at least 5 or 6 friends who also garden to your website and youtube channel. Happy harvesting this year!!

  17. Johnny

    We are so excited….placed our FIRST order today!!! We ordered pepper , lettuce, spinach and carrot seeds and the FERTILIZER!!! Cannot wait to get our order…starting pepper seeds in the sun room..planting planting the lettuce, spinach and carrots outside!!! Thank you so much!!!

  18. Scott

    How often should this be applied? Once per season, per month, per week?

    • MIgardener

      Just once or twice per season as needed! It is very potent stuff!

  19. mnshadowart

    wondering when this might be available for ordering? Thanks! Rating based on other’s reviews as I have not tried it yet but a rating is required to post my question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. asianna

    If I wanted to use this fertilizer for watermelon, which I am planning to grow in containers, how much would you recommend for me to put in?

    • MIgardener

      For watermelons it really helps if you add 1/4 cup to the planting hole or container. They will grow like crazy!

  21. TC

    Holy Cow! That’s all I can really say….used Trifecta on some indeterminates tomato plants that I thought frost had wiped out around late January and about a week later, I saw a bunch of new growth and nice blooms. Needless to say I am highly impressed with Trifecta and now use it for all my plants and veggies. Definitely gonna order some more!

  22. Verne McIntyre

    This is april/2017. Do you have an estimated time for trifecta to be back in stock? I am on the waiting list. Do you ship to Canada?

  23. Justin Becker

    I’m a new gardener (well more of a container gardener) and decided to use this as I’ve really enjoyed all the reviews on youtube and here as well as other success stories and so far used this for my chives, tomatoes, and other herbs and my goodness. All I can say is HOLY CRAP! Not even the chives you get in the store (pre cut and ready to use) are this green and stout. Heck I decided to grow some catnip as a treat for my cat (and try some catnip tea) and used some of this and it’s exploding. Can’t wait to see how my tomatoes do this year. Trifecta+ is amazing and will always recommend as for the amount you get for the price. You just cant beat it.

  24. Danielle Wiseman

    I put trifecta+ in my raised beds and grow bags, this stuff is AMAZING! My tomatoe plants are falling over with giant health friuts. I use it on all my plants, vegetables and friut. Buy it, it will surprise you and make you a believer period.

  25. Dino

    Hi! The Trifecta made my rapini bigger than other years with no bugs(pests) and my romaine was huge!! Thanks again!

  26. Paul

    Trifecta has been the best purchase I ever made for my garden. My cukes are growing like weeds and my zucchini never produced like they are now. The best part, it is all organic! Thank you Luke!

  27. Anthony Noll

    Best fertilizer ever

  28. Darren Lind

    this stuff is like plant magic! Feed your soil and your plants will produce

  29. Rae Sandberg

    I’m wondering when you will have more… May 27-2018

    • Luke marion

      We have more in stock now! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. camirra williamson

    I would love to try this fertilizer. I am making a new raised bed very soon. Could you give me an estimate for when this will be avilable again?

  31. Jonathon Kurth

    Trifecta + has proven itself to be a game changer in my garden! I am a container gardener and if it weren’t for this product, I probably would have given up gardening due to the cost of new soil and non-organic fertilizer. Thanks to the mixture of immediate release and slow release ingredients, I generally fertilize only twice a year. My only regret was not getting the 15LB. bulk bag right from the start!

  32. ragersteph

    Best product I’ve found. Smells like I could eat it right out of the bag, but I won’t. I don’t know how I grew anything without this product. I’ve only used compost and worm castings in the past. Everything is so vibrant and seems so much stronger and prolific with this. Thank you!

  33. Hayley Nasman

    Plants immediately showed signs of new growth after applying this product. Very effective!

  34. cathywarren

    Trifecta + is awesome. I used it 2 years ago in my vegetable garden and the results were amazing. I did not use any last year because I could not catch it in stock. My plants did not do to good last year without Trifecta +. I did not get anywhere near the level of production I got the year I used Trifecta +. I will definitely make sure my plants have some Trifecta + this year.

  35. jonathandchernandez

    I unintentionally used this on some plants and not others and I can see a real difference in size in plants that I did use them on I put it a little bit further down than where they could touch the plant roots and I believe they had a boom in growth once they got to the fertilizer

  36. NanCndlr

    I thought the review would be after the gardening season, but this is a miracle in a bag! Due to weather and delayed planting, my seedlings were getting large and stressed. Today, the tomato leaves were limp on several plants, and although this has happened before, I’ve NEVER had them pop out again in less than five minutes after watering and fertilizing–it’s usually about 15-20 minutes. I put about 1/4 cup of Trifecta in a gallon watering can and holy mackerel!! These look like NEW plants! Thank you for saving my garden this year!

  37. blueimystic

    My plants started out sooo slowly this year, it was like giving them an energy drink mixed with coffee with how quickly they shot up after their trifecta+ dose!!! Holy cow my plants tripled in size within two weeks!!! Tomato seedlings were tomato plants in less than a month! I had to pinch and cut back some of the growth because they were going crazy like a kid on a sugar rush- There was just no stopping my plants once they had the trifecta+. I’m so glad I took a chance on this product. It did not disappoint me! ๐Ÿ˜€ Great job Luke!

  38. thomas.muckle

    When will this be in stock again?

  39. thomas.muckle

    When will this be in stock again? Thank you very much!

  40. sharon.pilgreen

    I just recently purchased and used this product and I love it!

  41. eriktaber

    Great product…can’t wait for you to get some more in…I will never use anything else

  42. jpawlikowski3

    This stuff is amazing. Once you learn what Luke is talking about it all comes together. This stuff will will bring amazing results. I’m hooked for life! I strongly recommend this stuff.

  43. julissar.60

    I always wanted to try trifecta+ and I’m really Happy with the results.

  44. Kereen

    So I used this wonderful fertilizer for my potted plants and did I ever see the difference! I love it !!! Worth every penny . Thanks MiGardener

  45. Gabriel Kirkham

    This stuff is awesome! Used for my whole garden and my seedlings growth rate doubled! Massive results and couldnโ€™t thank Luke any more for such a great product!

  46. stray81

    This trifecta+ is giving my plants life!! I will definitely have this in my fertilizing rotation from now on!!

  47. ogburncc

    This is by far the best fertilizer that i have ever used on my vegetable plants! It makes them so much bigger,stronger and much healthier! It brought my poor green beans back to life when it was really suffering. It’s really amazing!

  48. nappen1

    Worked very well with my potted plants. Will definitely continue to use in my potting mix.

  49. charles.2007.cm

    This stuff has been like magic for me. Every squash plant I have used this on has grown more, been healthier and produced more than any I planted before I knew of and started using trifecta +. I highly recommend it.

  50. fionapeace

    Great product to help our poor clay soil

  51. Audra Marie

    great product!!

  52. jakehunter54

    I love trifecta i absolutely get great results from using it on every plant i grow! Makes them grow so strong and big

  53. lyonsashley267

    works great! Love it.

  54. Katie Volner

    Love it! Having great results.

  55. tj

    Trifecta is a great product! Despite USPS shipping delays, it arrived really quickly. When I opened the box, I was excited to see a brand new bag design (at least new to me). I really like the new design and material. Great job!

  56. Marisa Pursell

    Read reviews of this fertilizer and was excited to try. This really helped my garden grow beautifully! will purchase again!

  57. steven44811

    I used the 2lb bag just to test and see how this “stuff” is. It by FAR exceeded my expectations. I just ran out yesterday 4-28-21 came on here because I was going to order a bulk bag. Only to find out it was sold out . Will still be using this fertilizer better than Miracle Gro.

  58. steven44811

    Luke when will Trifecta+ be back in stock?

  59. nate.curly

    Amazing organic fertilizer. I will be using this EVERY year for my vegetable garden. Love the added trace minerals.

  60. foxlm65

    I canโ€™t believe how awesome my garden looks after using Trifecta. I was amazed to see how little I needed and it lasts all season long. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  61. Marisa Pursell

    This has made my garden flourish. My tomato plants love this stuff. Next year I will have to space them out more because they grew so big!!!! I use this on all of my veggies, herbs, and fruit. I will be buying a bigger bag because next year I will grow a bigger garden because it was so exciting to have so many plants be so successful!!!!

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