20 reviews for 2lb. Trifecta+

  1. Trixie Montgomery

    I started with 2lbs and quickly went to bulk box after seeing the resultss for our extensive gardens.

  2. Linda Pimple

    I really love this stuff!! It is like nothing else I have ever tried! MY tomatoes and zucchini were so big and healthy. The yields were extremely large and blew me away! Love how it makes all of my plants so healthy, I will never use anything else!

  3. Jon

    I believe I’m up to 7 pounds ordered now. Plants all grew huge last year with amazing fruits. Between the high quality seeds and this fertilizer our brussel sprouts and peppers grew better than ever!

  4. Crystal

    I love this product. Have seen it used by others. This winter I couldn’t wait I tried on three puny tomatoes plants. Thry all had no tomatoes or blooms. Not sny more. My celebrity has ten. An the others have five.

  5. Gina

    I have read nothing but awesome things about this product!!! Definitely want to give it a try.

  6. Dawn Woodruff

    I bought a 2 lb bag to try this product out. I am so glad I used this fertilizer in my garden this year. I tested it out in my 15’x30′ garden bed and my veggies, flowers, and herbs are doing extremely well. They are vigorous and healthy. I’m already getting baby zucchini, which I normally don’t get until mid-June (I’m in zone 7a). This is my third year growing veggies at my current home and the last 2 years I didn’t have as great results around this time frame, so I’d say this stuff works extremely well. Next year I will buy the box to apply to my flower beds around my house and front patio container garden. I highly recommend this product!

  7. Lisa

    This is my first real garden wii a variety of things. It wasn’t going so well. This fertilizer saved my garden!! My garden was so slow growing and pathetic looking. Things would flower like crazy but not fruit at all. After using the fertilizer I’ve seen a boom in fruiting and growth. I’m so excited that we’re actually getting to harvest stuff this year!

  8. Dionne Leemook

    This stuff is the real deal. I tried it for the first time because my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants weren’t growing or producing. After I applied it to the roots….lets just say everything is flowering now. I’m super happy with the results.

  9. AFormalEmail98

    As a fertilizer Trifecta already earns its price. But trifecta isn’t JUST a fertilizer. It is a collection of beneficial micro organisms, soil amendments, and fertilizers, created to help give your soil exactly what it needs to thrive.

  10. Lisa Kaye

    Just rec’d my first bag. Very fast service. Can’t wait to try it. Can I use it dry or does it need to be diluted with water and if so what dilution rate?

  11. luanne2010

    I tried Trifecta for the 1st time 2 yrs ago I now call it garden crack for obvious reasons. I had never been successful at squash or watermelon but last yr I had bumper crops of the hardest to grow vegies for me. I discovered it mid season 2017 and even using it mid season was really helpful but last year I made sure I stocked up before transplanting and watched all the videos for specific plantings such as heavy feeders like squash and watermelon. There is no way I will ever garden without it. If your new to this & on the fence dont be you will not regret buying it. Plants of all varieties LOVE Trifecta+

  12. lilroo120

    I saw improvement in the foliage within 2 days and production took off very quickly after. I’m sold, 100% sold on this. Another reviewer called it garden crack and I’m voting for a name change because they nailed it!! I’m ordering more right after this review.

  13. jenniferlonglmt

    This was my first year using trifecta+ and I have seen a tremendous difference in my vegetable garden from the years past. I wish I would have bought a bigger bag then the 2lb but I had to try it first. I am on the waiting list to get more. Will purchase this year after year.

  14. fasolis2003

    Works really well. Used in tomatoes and peppers…looking good so far…impressive…5 stars!

  15. bouncerdjwife

    This is my first time with trifecta+ and got the 2lb bag. Realizing I will need more.
    Tip: buy a bigger bag or bulk as each plant takes quite a bit but they will love you for it. Also only needs once or twice year

  16. lyonsashley267

    Good price!!!!

  17. evanrahaman

    Great fertilizer

  18. warhamr1488

    I was amazed with the results from using Trifecta+! Our plants were overall healthier and we saw more consistent size and quality vegetables and a higher yield than the previous season without Trifecta+. My brother was so jealous that he ordered his own.

  19. steven44811

    I bought this fertilizer last year only to find out I needed more because it is so good. Went to a 3lb bag.

  20. pgcarolyn2014

    I’ve been using Trifecta for 3 seasons so far (probably didn’t use enough at first, because I only had a small bag) and I still noticed good results! I reordered it and have been a fan ever since. I was so happy to see it was still available! THANKS Luke, for keeping up with the demand and for all you do to help.

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