Fall Garden Collection Kit

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Fall Garden Kit
18 different varieties! All great for planting for a fall harvest.

These varieties have been selected for overall hardiness and cold tolerance.
How to plant a fall garden: VIDEO

Sparkler White Tip Radish


Approximate seeds per pack: 250
Days till maturity: 30

The sparkler white tip radish is one of the most classic heirloom radishes. With a beautiful red and white color divided perfectly in half, it makes not only a beautiful to grow, but a delicious to grow radish as well. Cold tolerant and easy to grow in both spring and fall gardens.

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Napa Cabbage

Seeds per pack: 300
Days till maturity: 60

Grow your own kimchi! This cabbage is an odd shape, but delicious flavor. The wide but thin stem results in a crunchy, succulent leaf that is amazing in anything from salads, to kimchi, to stuffed cabbage boats.

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Red Romaine Lettuce


Approximate seeds per pack: 1000
Days till maturity: 45-50

This lettuce is a fast grower, and is perfect for growing in containers! Low maintenance and wonderful in taste. It is very true to the romaine lettuce taste, just in a purple/red color!

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Waltham 29 Broccoli

Seeds per pack: 300
Days till maturity: 80

The Waltham variety of broccoli is a cold resistant plant that produces medium to large heads. A good variety for fall planting. Waltham broccoli plants can grow up to 2 feet tall.Plant Waltham broccoli as soon as soil can be worked after last frost. Broccoli will mature faster if planted to take advantage of cool periods later in the season. May be planted in the fall 10-12 weeks before first frost. The entire plant is edible, from the leaves, broccoli head and flowers! Wonderful for soups and steaming as a side dish, or served raw with a dip or hummus.

Excellent Source Of: Vitamin C, K, Iron, and Fiber.

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Lacinato (Dinosaur) - Kale

Seeds per pack: 300
Days till maturity: 55

Lacinato Kale is an Heirloom variety with 3" wide blue-green leaves. The leaves reach up to 18" long and are quite delicious. The plant is very frost tolerant, prolific producer and the leaves even become more tender and appetizing after a hard frost. Tastes great when steamed or stir-fried, versatile enough for juicing. Replace these kale leaves for traditional lettuce wraps for a crunchier wrap, make sure to massage the leaves in lemon juice before serving! Most cold hardy variety!

Excellent Source Of: Vitamins C and A, Phytonutrients, Iron, and Calcium.

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This kit includes one of each:
1.) Italian Large Leaf Basil
2.) Red Romaine Lettuce
3.) Oak Leaf Lettuce
4.) Waltham Broccoli
5.) Bouquet Dill
6.) Ruby Queen Beet
7.) Dark Green Parsley
8.) Bull’s Blood Beet
9.) Napa Cabbage
10.) Spicy Globe Basil
11.) Corn Salad – Mache
12.) Hailstone Radish
13.) Sparkler White Tip Radish
14.) Lacinato Kale
15.) Royal Chantanay – Carrot
16.) Sweet White Spanish Onion
17.) Purple Orach (purple spinach)
18.) Purple Burgundy – Bean

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