13 reviews for Tropical Sunset Tomato

  1. wordynerd48

    A strong, indeterminate tomato. 100% germination from the seeds and a beautiful variety. Could have been more than 10 seeds in the packet though because they are viable for a long time; however, 10 is more than enough to get started. Will be saving my own seed!

  2. sarahkosloski

    I had a 100 percent germination rate and these are beautiful and sweet tomatoes. I’ve been enjoying a continuous yield and all I’ve shared with have enjoyed them just as much.

  3. mauionmymind01

    I love growing tomatoes, but admittedly only like in BLT, but…. this tiny gem is the best I have ever tasted.
    This is like a cross between a grape tomato and a regular tomato. I can’t wait until I can plant a whole row of this delectable beauty.

  4. candace.elder.8289

    Great germination. Awaiting them to ripen!

  5. olsonkaylynn1

    great germination my first cherries of the summer.

  6. sarahmframe

    Wanted to like these because they are so darn pretty, but the taste was very middle of the road, nothing outstanding. So they probably won’t make it back in my garden again. But if you’re just looking for something pretty – these are truly stunning once they are ripe – golden balls with orange streaking. Also, they are easy to grow and very, very prolific.

  7. jklutsch1

    Very pretty tomato. Not the sweetest, but has a nice tangy flavor. Pretty high producing tomato as well.

  8. sharmo0361

    A burst of citrussy flavor and sweetness along with acidity. One of my favorites.

  9. bczilok

    Grew these in 3 separate locations this year. Not as productive as other cherry size tomatoes but the colors are spectacular and I would agree with the good shelf life. Received more than 10 seeds as well!

  10. jamesstepworks

    Fun little tomatoes, taste great and makes gardening more interesting for the little ones.

  11. maggiemaymcevoy

    so excited to grow these. thank you migardener!

  12. ourlife767

    Beautiful little tomatoes

  13. evno3000

    10/10 these are great!

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