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  1. juliaj1986

    Getting warm weather crops outside here in Ohio this year (2020) was delayed by 3-4 weeks due to lots of fluctuating tempers. Despite the delay, It’s early July and these plants are over 3ft tall and growing like a champ! Thick stems, healthy and growing like crazy! I have to prune these twice a week, that’s how fast they’re growing now. They’re starting to set tiny little tomatoes. This was my 1st time ever growing tomatoes myself from seed and ALL of the MANY tomato plants that I grew from MIGardener seed are growing quite well. I’m thrilled and could not be more pleased!

  2. gbpemail

    I had great expectations for this tomato! But, I was disappointed that the fruit didn’t really ever turn purplish in top. It just stayed green and had a very tough core. I had to cut out so much. The taste of those that ripened best was a good flavor. I think I’ll keep looking for a favorite purple heirloom though. This isn’t it.

  3. candace.elder.8289

    So excited to have been able to get my hands on this variety!

  4. effortleft

    Very delicious tomato! Grown in 2020 in southeast zone 8 in partial sun and in a container. I was sad when the tomatoes stopped in August but had a few months of very good juicy tomatoes and lots of caprese salad! Definitely recommend and will plant again next year!

  5. sarahmframe

    Excellent tasting tomato – lots of depth of flavor and one of my favorites from all the varieties I grew. However, the three plants I grew were not very prolific, so I’ll try growing more next year, because I like the taste so much, I’m willing to dedicate extra space to these guys.

  6. steveosullivan77

    Good flavor, healthy plant, but poor production. Will try again next year to make sure this wasn’t a fluke

  7. lyonsashley267

    Iffy flavor, but not bad!!

  8. linda-6665

    In zone 7, these grew well and had amazing depth of flavor but were not prolific. We WILL be planting again next year due to the exceptional flavor, but will need to plant more to get the quantity of tomatoes needed for our table. This year we only planted two to have room for other varieties. Next year we will triple that number and drop off other varieties.

  9. pamcrawford1980

    Grown these the last couple years. Has done well for me in zone 8, always juicy.

  10. ourlife767

    great production, loved the flavor

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