6 reviews for Orange Currant Tomato

  1. briabram49836

    Have yet to harvest any, but wow are these prolific! SO many flowers/green tomatoes and these are growing like weeds!!!! Very small, but they ARE currant tomatoes 😉

  2. candace.elder.8289

    Still waiting to be able to harvest, but plants look great! Good Gem.

  3. lyonsashley267

    Prolific! Tasty! Easy to grow!

  4. ourlife767

    perfect and tasty

  5. littlesongbird17

    Tiny and tasty! My only complaint and it’s a small one is that they’re delicate enough that the skin either cracked or ripped as they were picked. That just meant we ate them as we picked them.

  6. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

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