4 reviews for Tree Lettuce *RARE*

  1. someguy43210

    One of my favorite lettuce variety in term of taste. While these are grown for the stalk, I personally grow it for the leaves. The flavor have a hint of earthy tone to it. Good germination practices is recommended to get good germination rate for this specific variety, they will seem to start off a bit slow at first, but it will catch on quick.

  2. moncheck511

    This lettuce grows easily and did not seem to attract the same pests as all my other lettuces in their beds this spring. The leaves, while bitter, make a great addition to any salad mix (I just would not personally use them as the main green). It takes off a bit slower than other varieties, but will grow quickly once the true leaves come out. The stalks taste great raw or used in stir fries and simple sauteed veggie dishes. The stalks have a complex, delicate flavor, so the best preparations make use of this and try not to over-complicate things. Just make sure to peel the stalks of mature plants, as they develop quite a tough skin!

  3. scenestra

    I want to love these sooo bad, but I just cant get them to grow, will keep trying though

  4. ourlife767

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