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  1. devanashleyn

    My favorite tomato this year! Produced like crazy and still set fruit during 100 degree days. They were bigger than i expected about 2 in in diameter but the taste was a great balance of sweet and acidic.

  2. kdiang03

    You wanna talk about a producer! This plant is giving me so much fruit and I love the taste. A slightly larger variety of cherry tomato but still small. Love em!

  3. jakehunter54

    Talk about a producer these plants produce like crazy all year long!!

  4. sugar8ragus

    (10/13/2020) Prolific and easy to care for Tommy Toe is great for this semi-newbie (1 outdoor garden, eons ago; 1 indoor Corona garden, now). I also planted 2x Isis Candy cherry tomato (seeds from Baker Creek; the young plants didn’t do as well as this TT in my care). These Tommy Toe (5X, seedlings planted in 5-gal Home Depot food grade buckets on 7/20) have 55+ tomatoes on them, while the Isis Candy don’t have any yet. We just tasted the 1st red TT tomato (about 1.25” in diameter, harvested after 84 days), and it is not the sweetest type of cherry tomato but has a very good, strong tomato-y flavor. This will be a staple for us from now on. (The Isis Candy plants are just tall, leafy, have flowers, had some flowers dropped, and no baby tomatoes yet).

  5. lyonsashley267

    prolific. Good germination rate

  6. blazer4hire

    First, I mistakingly thought these were spoon tomatoes or current tomatoes, they are not. However, these were overall good plants that grew over 10′. They were fairly resistant to disease and produced quite the crop of tomatoes. I’ll be growing a few less of these plants as we don’t eat 10 plants worth of cherry tomatoes. I would recommend these to people who eat their fair share of cherry tomatoes

  7. blueimystic

    This plant took over pretty quickly in it’s 5 gallon bucket. climbed over 6 feet! Great producer!

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