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  1. robertandgwenivere

    I started 27 tomato varieties this summer. Vintage Wine is absolutely gorgeous, disease resistant, and the very first to pick! It beat out it’s early and northern touted rivals here in Michigan zone 6


    Loved growing this tomato in New Jersey this year. One of my favorites this year

  3. sldwnr

    This tomato has such an excellent, unique flavor. The inside flesh is a dark wine red, and I thought they were rather meaty for a slicer. This was the star of our 2018 garden, and we will be sure to continue growing this variety!

  4. hmust1

    I only grew one of each of 14 different varieties of tomatoes this year. The seed sewn from this packet did not produce a Vintage Wine tomato as evidenced by the regular leaf plant that is now growing in my garden. I have no idea what variety is growing in its place, but it’s huge and very prolific, so I guess I’m not all that disappointed. Will try to grow several plants from this pack of seeds next year to see if all the seeds are wrong or if I just happened to grow the one rogue imposter.

  5. devanashleyn

    This tomato is beautiful and delicious. My only problem I had was the flowers dropped fast in the Georgia heat while most of my of my others tomatoes kept setting fruit. The tomatoes I did get were great but I may only plant a few next year to enjoy the beauty but not for the production. As far as the seeds go, i had 100% germination!

  6. dsollenberger1981

    (grown in 2019 – PA) Looks lovely. Nice large fruits which have good flavor. Ours almost look better green, than when they are ripe, however. Turn dark red with green metalic-like stripes (not yellow striping as picture. Still very unique, just not as pretty as a red/yellow blend would be.

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