5 reviews for Opalka Tomato *RARE*

  1. Darren Lind

    Great germination and vigorous growth,

  2. fwmilmo

    Tasty tomato. Grew tall and healthy. Will grow again.

  3. marymonk

    The plants all germinated and grew well as do all of MI Gardener plants until about may and then the fungus rolled in and just wiped out almost every one of them. I think this would be a fantastic producer in a less humid climate. I would not recommend it for growing in Louisiana but it would probably be great elsewhere.

  4. Brianne Strobel

    These tomatoes make amazing salsa and tomato soup. There’s only a couple of seeds in each one. The plant is vigorous, huge and thick stemmed and the germination rate is good. My tomatoes got blossom end root pretty bad but I think it might be my fault.

  5. jmt925

    These tomatoes are really lovely. T!he plants were pleasant looking and almost no seeds, nice thin skin. I made multiple batches of oven roasted tomato sauce (OMG!) but they were very nice for BLT’s too…no soggy bread.

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