7 reviews for Black Sea Man Tomato

  1. fwmilmo

    Tasty tomato. Grew tall and healthy. Will grow again.

  2. chefmuhs

    Love the way this guy grows so profound.. will definitely grow again.. such a fun tomato.!.

  3. ms.fannyxie

    Of the 7 types of tomatoes that I grew, this one was the most tasty and prolific. Husband approved ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. jeann205

    Wow so I was careless, and I set the whole packet to grow I figure not all of them where to sprout,….well let me tell you EVERYTHING sprouted….yeah I think the biggest harvest we got this past summer was close to 50lbs of just them tomatoes….I have canned cooked and eatingjust picked..we certainly enjoy them. I will plants again just maybe not the whole pack…he he great producing tomato…I totally recommend it.

  5. Hayley Nasman

    I planted this tomato as a mid-season (July) experiment to see if I could get any tomatoes by fall (in Zone 8 technically but w/ urban heating effects I think it’s closer to 8.5-9). Tomatoes have good flavor and a very attractive color — however the image on the site makes them look significantly more purple than they actually were. Leaves do not like multiple days of heavy rain (not like any tomato’s leaves do, but it seems like these potato-leafed varieties have a harder time drying off post-rain than regular tomato leaf varieties).

  6. nvyoder

    I planted two kinds of tomatoes. These plants were the healthiest and sturdiest of all tomatoes. We had a lot of rain so the others would be almost rotten before they were ripe. If I would have had these tied up more they would have done better, but even so, they did fairly well, considering the conditions. I was impressed with the plants!
    I agree with the above review….the color was not as purple as the image shows. However, still a great tomato! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. starltgirl

    Easy to grow, very sturdy and beautiful plants, delicious tomatoes !

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