4 reviews for Abe Lincoln Tomato

  1. Ckaluz18

    Good germination. Quite productive. Great flavor. Tomatoes ranged from 10-14 oz range.

  2. homesteadingdarling

    Growing in an 8a zone . Great germination. Already started sprouting in my greenhouse. Looking forward to planting them in the ground!

  3. nkfolgers

    The flavor on these tomatoes was amazing! I started my tomatoes inside under a grow light and they were a quick starter and i think almost every seed i started came up! The size of the tomatoes were a bit larger than a big roma, and the size of the plant seemed to act more like a determinant strain rather than an indeterminant. They grew only so large then seemed to stop the upward growth. I will plant them again next year to try it again. The flavor was amazing and worth the garden space, also they were one of the first tomatoes to appear ready to harvest. I live in zone 5 in North Central IL.

  4. ourlife767

    good germination.

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