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  1. Joe Koslowski

    I love the Rutgers Tomato. To me its the best tasting tomato and you get a great harvest off one plant

  2. Brandon

    We are waiting on fruit to ripen, however, we have 4 rutger’s plants out of 25 tomato plants, the Rutger’s ended up half the size of all the plants, in various locations throughout our garden. Each plant is currently putting on 1-3 tomatoes, and while all of our other plants are 4-5ft, the rutgers didn’t even cross the 3 foot line. My assumption is that I did something wrong, however, in a world where there are so many varieties to try, I’m not tempted to dedicate space to this variety again…someone else can try the seeds left in the packet!

  3. Sand Hollow Homestead

    Thought I’d share this info on the beginnings of Rutgers tomatoes. For those who have struggled to grow this variety, try again and be sure to not over water and provide plenty of sunshine. The flavor is worth the effort!
    Tomato, Rutgers. Short Description. HEIRLOOM. Its flavor, both for slicing and cooking, is still unequaled. The legendary Jersey tomato, introduced in 1934, is a cross between J.T.D. (an old New Jersey variety from the Campbell Soup Co.) and Marglobe.

  4. Darren Lind

    So far strong little seedlings that are ready to plant out when the weather cooperates! The seedlings are thick and strong in the stemm and are doing well with the less than ideal conditions. I will write another review when i get fruit. Excellent 100% germination within 4 days using bottom heat to start.

  5. dana.price

    My plants are currently over 7 feet tall and still going! I ran out of stakes to keep them propped up, so the rest is up to fate. The fruits were a little small for me.. the plant put a lot of energy into foliage, otherwise I would’ve given it 5 stars.

  6. deanjewell

    this was my first time trying these, they had great flavor but they never got very big maybe 3″ in diameter.

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