4 reviews for Tigerella Tomato

  1. zoe.brackney

    MASSIVE yields, by far our most productive tomato this year pound for pound; it even beat the cherries! We loved the texture on these: still fairly firm when ripe, medium sweet with bright acidity.

  2. Valerie Howden

    Massive cherry tomatoes – yes 2″ fruit. vigorous growing and very productive. taste ranks high too.

  3. loserlinda

    Ordered these because I thought they were cute. Really surprised me. I grew them in 7 gallon grow bags and got tons of tomatoes. Can’t imagine how many I would have had if I planted them in the ground! Seemed like at first they took forever to ripen in 6a, but once the first batch did it was non stop tomatoes. Tasted pretty good (bright), but they are sort of a weird size. Larger than a cherry. I think this would be called a saladette?

  4. lyonsashley267

    very good germination. Good producers

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