5 reviews for Tess’s Land Race Currant Tomato

  1. junkyjunk7

    These were great! They produced a TON of tiny tomatoes. I had two plants and I could not keep up with them all. A very fun variety to grow that adds some diversity to your tomato garden. I will be growing them again next year.

  2. starltgirl

    Tiny and tasty tomatoes! Hard to single stem because of the bushy, messy way they grow. Definitely a fun variety to grow.

  3. broom.samuel

    Wow, what a highly productive variety. This thing just went nuts and it’s only mid-May and I already have literally dozens of fruit. No exaggeration, 20-40 small bite sized tom’s per cluster…exceeded expectations. Taste isn’t bad, but not amazing either – just a fun one to grow and a great options to spruce up salads or add a bit of colour to whatever you’re making. Would recommend.

  4. sys881218

    This is such a pretty plant to grow. The tiny tomatoes often split, but that’s probably user-error. I expected these tomatoes to be sweeter, but it’s more on the tart-side. If you’re a fan of the acidic tomato taste, this might be for you. Tomatoes are super tiny, about half-an-inch.

  5. sarahhg2120

    I had so many tiny tomatoes that I did not know what to do with them. I had no room in my vegetable garden so I actually planted these in a random spot in the flower garden in poor soil, but they still grew so well. These tomatoes are great.

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