11 reviews for Tess’s Land Race Currant Tomato

  1. junkyjunk7

    These were great! They produced a TON of tiny tomatoes. I had two plants and I could not keep up with them all. A very fun variety to grow that adds some diversity to your tomato garden. I will be growing them again next year.

  2. starltgirl

    Tiny and tasty tomatoes! Hard to single stem because of the bushy, messy way they grow. Definitely a fun variety to grow.

  3. broom.samuel

    Wow, what a highly productive variety. This thing just went nuts and it’s only mid-May and I already have literally dozens of fruit. No exaggeration, 20-40 small bite sized tom’s per cluster…exceeded expectations. Taste isn’t bad, but not amazing either – just a fun one to grow and a great options to spruce up salads or add a bit of colour to whatever you’re making. Would recommend.

  4. sys881218

    This is such a pretty plant to grow. The tiny tomatoes often split, but that’s probably user-error. I expected these tomatoes to be sweeter, but it’s more on the tart-side. If you’re a fan of the acidic tomato taste, this might be for you. Tomatoes are super tiny, about half-an-inch.

  5. sarahhg2120

    I had so many tiny tomatoes that I did not know what to do with them. I had no room in my vegetable garden so I actually planted these in a random spot in the flower garden in poor soil, but they still grew so well. These tomatoes are great.

  6. melodygould

    We LOVE these little cuties! The bushy plants are extremely productive. Plus, the plants themselves make loads of suckers you can remove and grow into new plants! So far our plants are only approximately 18-20″ tall but also about that big around and loaded with the tiny tomatoes (less than 1/2″ in size). If you’re like me and like little tomatoes for your salads but don’t care for a mouthful of seeds and liquid, these are for you.

  7. moonieee

    Wow having never grown currant before I didn’t know what to expect. I am in zone 9b and these did spectacular and are like tomato sweet bombs when you eat them. They produce tons of tiny fruits which never made it into the house. My husband and I would pick the plant clean and snack on them in the garden!

  8. reesa.anne

    Tiny, tiny tomatoes, smallest I’ve ever seen, but the flavor is pretty bland. Won’t grow them again.

  9. meetapat817

    Very productive. Tons of tiny tomatoes. I prefer a slightly sweeter varieties like Sungolds but these are great too. Decent germination.

  10. jakehunter54

    These plants get absolutely loaded with tiny little tomatoes tomatoes everywhere

  11. rose.mcnaughton

    Ridiculously vigorous, absurdly productive, acceptably tasty. Three of these plants ended up in our garden, and each of them bore what seemed like HUNDREDS of tiny, 1/4″-1/2″ fruits in huge clusters all season long. I didn’t even get to all of them, there were so many. They’re great as “caviar” in omelets, dumped by the handful into salads, or eaten in a manner similar to m&m candies. Labor-intensive and not super flavorful, but still tasty. Will grow again next year.

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