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  1. GardeningGal

    I saw that your seeds only costing .99 cents and was skeptical of purchasing, but decided to give you a try. After all what’s .99 cents in this day and age. Sure glad that I decided to purchase from your site as I was very surprised that even though the packet says germination takes place in 8 to 14 days these seeds are already sprouting after only 5 days! Sure to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this season.

  2. marymonk

    Great germination (of course!) and grew well in Louisiana despite the humidity and heat. Still producing in well into extreme heat of summer.

  3. Joshua

    One cluster of flowers have 17 cherry tomatoes on them. This plant works for the gardener!!

  4. Billy Darroux

    five stars for 100% germination
    I am in the Caribbean and look forward to the other stages and rate as I go along.

  5. i.roy.rox

    Followed migardener YouTube channel and we had a really nice continuous harvest.

  6. jsehrhart_

    Great taste meaty

  7. lyonsashley267

    Tasty n sweet

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