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  1. awmanthisgirl

    It was the first variety to ripen in my garden and the first time in years that I got to enjoy the taste of a tomato (The ones from the store just have no flavor anymore) and it was amazing, they are heavy producers and strong (mine have fought through some pretty harsh storms in NW MO). It’s a determinate tomato so remove those stickers 😉 It’s large cherry sized fruit has a beautiful growth pattern and the leaves are distinctly different than other tomato plants (the leaf shape remind me of poison ivy leaves)
    I will be planting these again and again.

  2. dearjungyvr

    Grew very big and like a tank. Produced a lot of tomatoes in clusters, they are bright tasting and delicious. Easy going plant, it needs to be controlled.

  3. laichrobin

    I just tasted the Stupice tomato. Really good. A little sweet with just a little of tomato tartness is the best way I can describe it. Nice size for one person and a nice looking tomato. I have been trying different varieties of tomatoes for a few years to find a few favorites. Stupice will go on that list. I will definitely grow it again.

  4. cd.mans

    Good germination, strong plant, nice size, sweet tomatoes. Great for zone 5b.

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