5 reviews for Vegetable Spaghetti ( Winter ) Squash

  1. Hannah pritchard

    Planted these seeds 11 days ago. They all came up and are already at least 2 inches tall! This is my first time planting any plants and I’m just so happy with all of my purchases from y’all!

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Good size and great taste.

  3. junkyjunk7

    Very productive! I gave away several and still have enough to store for the whole winter. Many grew quite large and so far all have been delicious!

  4. thomasyelton

    We started the seeds indoors then transfered to the garden. The seeds germinated 100% The plants are only 6 weeks from start. Here it is near the end of April and we have quarter sized spaghetti squashes on most plants. The plants are robust and seems to resist the bugs well. We tend to our plants every day and we are amazed how much they grow daily. Our children look forward daily where they tend to this plant. This plant keeps the kids attention span well. I can’t wait to get a harvest. Growing in northern Florida!

  5. zysksn

    So far so good! All seeds planted have germinated and are growing well! Very happy with my purchase!

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