3 reviews for Golden Zucchini (Summer) Squash

  1. Michele B.

    I grew several of these in my 2016 summer garden. I only got a few zucchini. I was not impressed with the plants but then received update from my sister in law that planted one in her garden. Her plant was a monster and produced tons of yellow zucchini. I surveyed my garden bed and almost nothing was doing well. Tomatoes had blossom end rot, brussel sprouts were stagnant, never got even close to mature size. Thr watermelon vine died leaving me a softball sized fruit. The celery did ok. The soil has a lot more clay than my new garden area and we are getting rid of these old beds. I will plant these again and hope to get the same results my sister in law did.

  2. cristianapetras

    germinated after only 3 days!! so far looking super healthy and very big! cant wait to taste them!! will update after it matures*

  3. gizzmogirl

    I have 3 of these plants producing lots of squash… however they look like regular straight neck yellow squash (bumps and a slight curve and pale yellow) not the golden Zucchini I was hoping for like in the picture. I did not miss identify these as I only planted the Green Zucchini and this Golden one for my squash this year. My only guess is either I got miss labeled seeds, or these were open pollinated.

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