7 reviews for Crookneck (Summer) Squash

  1. Joe

    The description isn’t joking when it says “High Yields.” I got at least 5 squash from each plant and the squash are also good for decoration. I will definitely plant this again!

  2. Jonathon Kurth

    I have had terrific success with this variety. Every seed thus far has germinated into a large, yielding plant!
    I am in South California and give them full sun & plenty of water. I cover them with 70% shade when temps are in the 90-100+ Fahrenheit range.

  3. Jonathon Kurth

    This Crookneck Squash was a fun variety to grow. It is not an abundant producer and the plant itself is small and a bit fragile compared to other squash plants I’ve grown in the past.

  4. simplyblogs

    We found this to be healthy and quite productive. We experimented this year with one in a tomato cage and found it worked well and was so easy to pick. In the end, the pickle worms (something we’ve never experienced before) finally killed it. We also made dill and bread and butter pickles from them. We will be planting this next year again for sure.

  5. colby07

    This is not one of my favorite zucchini plants I might have left it on the plant to long because it was a little tough and died from pm but otherwise great plant.

  6. scenestra

    This is definitely something you will be dropping on porches late summer because you have had ore than enough . Good healthy plants, and productive

  7. puddlehoppernme

    I bought these last year during the start of the pandemic and didn’t get a chance to grow them. They are currently thriving as starts and are ready to be transplanted into the garden. I only started three, but I have a 100% germination rate so far. I look forward to watching these grow!

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