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  1. ilfstara

    Grew these along with Palco (my new favorite) and Bloomsdale. We did have some hot days this Spring, but the Viroflay was the only one that bolted. It’s now later in June and the other two varieties are still growing with no bolt. Even the recently germinated plants seem to go straight to flowering. Great termination rate. I will do a fall sowing and see if I get better results, maybe they need more room than I gave them (4” spacing). Flavor-wise they don’t ‘wow’, but don’t disappoint either =]

  2. Juliana Thornbrugh

    Overwintered tiny viroflay plants (planted very late summer, overwintered under upside down plastic grocery salad box with holes poked in) and we were harvesting salads in the spring before the farmers market had any available in South Dakota! It was a rough winter and sloooow spring so these were very appreciated! They bolt in hot weather just like any other spinach. Will certainly be growing more!

  3. Valerie Howden

    first time I have been really successful with spinach was this year with this type. had some cool weather and high winds but the veg held its own. couldn’t handle the heat wave (over 80F) which happened overnight and has stayed for 2 weeks. great taste and hope to retry in fall.

  4. briabram49836

    Great germination rate, did bolt quite fast, have a second planting in, hoping it doesnt bolt this month and will last through September.

  5. ourlife767

  6. Hayley Nasman

    I grew these in a winter polyculture — when I knew nothing about winter gardening, in zone 8. Not many germinated but I think this was because I threw the seeds in with other more aggressive greens (like arugula) that crowded them out. If I had this to do again, I would grow the plants in the fall — not heavily polycultured — so they would be full grown by the time winter hits, and not stressed or crowded out. They do have great cold tolerance. The one thing is that they had a VERY strong after-taste that I was not a fan of, which I’m told is a thing among the more savoy leaf type spinach varieties. If that bothers you I would grow a smooth-leaved variety instead. Or maybe just give it better growing conditions than I did? Not sure if that would have helped the flavor.

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