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  1. armoredhearts3

    We grew these late summer into fall and got a great result. Be sure your soil is nice and loamy not compacted for best growth. We’ve chopped some up for stirfry and picked most of them with carrots. Can’t wait to grow more!

  2. sldwnr

    These are a fall crop for me in SW Virginia, because our springs have heat waves that cause them to bolt. I absolutely love daikons, and often use them as potato substitute. I especially love to shred them up for hashbrown casserole! Just be sure to squeeze out the excess water content.

  3. someguy43210

    My favorite radish. The flavor is amazing. If you only ate daikon from the super market it is not the same, the difference in flavor is night and day. I chop it into chunks, mix it in a bowl with olive oil, parsley/cilantro, salt, and cayenne pepper, then oven bake it.

    Unlike other radishes, daikon have a long growing season and require about 60 days for a good size harvest. It is a big plant in term of radish, I personally sow the seeds at least one foot apart. Since it have so much leaf mass it’s good to reuse the leaves for making compost or as mulching. I’ve grown it in Florida so it can tolerate the heat with adequate watering, but with more sun it will be spicier.

  4. gbpemail

    These have performed really well for me. Huge roots grow fairly fast and make delicious Asian dishes.

  5. nappen1

    Nearly 100% germination. Fast growing. Will definitely buy again. Grew in pots in both San Antonio TX and Washington DC with success.

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