3 reviews for Black Spanish Radish

  1. Thanh

    Easy growing and gets very big, you can get radishes weighing 1kilo or more from them. Yet I don’t recommend leaving them to grow too big however, unless you have very healthy soil so diseases don’t get in over time, and ants is also another problem. I can see these problems avoided if grown in fabric grow bags.

  2. Rearea

    Very tasty and can grow quite large. They were a bit too hot for me so I made a radish soup and it was delicious! Highly recommend!

  3. fviker95

    wow these took off for me and had explosive growth, I had some kohlrabi planted near it that was getting eaten by flea beetles but none of the radishes suffered damage, not sure if they are pest or disease resistant or not but it was something I noticed.

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