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  1. GardeningGal

    I saw that your seeds only costing .99 cents and was skeptical of purchasing, but decided to give you a try. After all what’s .99 cents in this day and age. Sure glad that I decided to purchase from your site as I was very surprised that even though the packet says germination takes place in 8 to 14 days these seeds are already sprouting after only 5 days! Sure to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this season.

  2. jacqueline.poff

    I had great germination for this variety and it produced a lot of tomatoes.

  3. ourlife767


  4. tinahkauffman

    This is such a great producer, and so delicious! So easy to grow, zone 8. Will be growing again!

  5. w.easter23

    I’m in Texas, so when I saw that these were specifically bred for our heat I just had to try them. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually outperformed every tomato I was growing with the exception of Black Cherry. Both lasted until our first frost. I will definitely grow this variety again. The flavor was great and I made spaghetti sauce and salsa. They were great for salads too. Highly recommend!

  6. evno3000

    This was great!

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